The 11 best RPGs to play on PS5 and PS4 (August 2023)

The best PlayStation RPGs on PS5 and PS4 offer players a chance to step into another world and collect plenty of trophies along the way.

The 11 best RPGs to play on PS5 and PS4 (August 2023)
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson & Lee Brady


Some of the best PlayStation RPGs make up some of the best PS5 games around, offering players the opportunity to make their own choices and lose themselves in a massive, sprawling adventure. They even make for rich trophy-hunting experiences, so to help you get started, here are the best RPGs you can play right now on PS5 and PS4 with trophy support.

Check out some of the best RPGs on PlayStation

While list primarily covers traditional role-playing games and Western RPGs, which typically allow the player to make broader choices about their character and the nature of the story they're a part of. For more linear, turned-based experiences, check out our best JRPGs on PlayStation list, and for a hybrid between both linear narrative and action gameplay, check out the best action RPGs on PS5 and PS4 list.

The Forgotten City

With its addition to PS Plus Extra back in February 2023, there's never been a better opportunity to unravel the secrets behind The Forgotten City's trophies. Released back in 2021 by indie developer Modern Storytellers, The Forgotten City borrows the trappings of your typical Bethesda-era Fallout or Elder Scrolls game to present players with something truly refreshing.

The Forgotten City is, at its heart, a mystery game — one in which your dialogue choices affect just who is willing to work with you and help you solve the puzzle. Flung back into ancient Roman times, the player finds themselves trapped in a city where the breaking of any law by any citizen results in everyone being turned to gold (and dying). To beat the game, you'll have to navigate the city's politics, uncover secrets, and cheat death countless times with a time portal — all to uncover just how The Forgotten City's 'Golden Rule' functions and solve this truly absorbing RPG.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

How could we make a best RPG list and not include this absolute masterpiece? The Mass Effect series takes you on a voyage all around the Milky Way as you uncover sinister plots and an evil force hellbent on wiping out all of humanity. It is up to you, Commander Shepard, to save the galaxy and maybe even find a little romance along the way — come on, it's one of the best parts of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings the series to newer consoles like the PS4 and provides updated gameplay mechanics, which are most notable in the first game as the experience is much smoother this time around. On top of this trophy hunters can rejoice as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trophies provide players with the opportunity to earn three separate platinum trophies. This is thanks to the Mass Effect trophies, Mass Effect 2 trophies, and Mass Effect 3 trophies which all have much simpler and spruced-up trophy lists over their PS3 predecessors.

If you haven't played this sci-fi extravaganza featuring space exploration, romance finding, and biotic throwing, what are you waiting for? This is one series everyone should experience in their lifetime. With so much content and lore to uncover, you'll find yourself lost in this epic series from BioWare.

Stardew Valley

With its maddeningly addictive Stardew Valley trophies, this game is a truly unique experience and a world you can put thousands of hours into if you find yourself getting utterly absorbed by. The game provides players with a plethora of avenues to explore, from farming and romance to dungeon crawling and fishing.

After realizing your life is miserable and unfulfilling, typing away at your computer day after day, year after year. You finally say enough is enough, walk away, get on a bus, and travel to the farm that your grandad left to you years ago in Stardew Valley. That's pretty much the premise of the game, there is no real ending either. You just work on your farm, completing milestones, and finding love. Oh, and exploring the cave that is filled with monsters you'll need to take down. We promise this game is addictive and a ton of fun.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How could we not include those The Witcher 3 Wild Hunter Complete Edition trophies on this RPG list? Heck, have you seen the box art, it literally tells you about the many, many, many awards it has won — over 300 — and it has even snatched up the Golden Joystick Awards for Ultimate Game of the Year. So yeah, it's kind of one of the greatest RPGs of all time and it did make it onto our list of the best PS4 games of all time.

The Witcher 3 thrusts you once more into the role of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher and monster slayer for hire. It is up to you to save the world from the Child of Prophecy, a living weapon capable of untold destruction. As you travel around the huge open world, you will come face to face with fierce creatures and powerful warriors. Level up, increase your power, and save the world from turmoil.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact trophies draw you into a live service game that has truly managed to capture the attention of many gamers around the world. The fact you can download and jump into the game for free is probably one of the biggest pulls that Genshin has going for it. Despite its core gacha nature — which the game does get flak for — Genshin has managed to garner an incredibly large and dedicated player base, which is most likely due to the fascinating world and characters that miHoYo has built.

Anyone who has taken a dive into this colorful and magical world for longer than 30 minutes has probably spent some of their real hard-earned cash in an attempt to pull a five-star legendary champion — don't shake your head at us, we know you have! This is the downside to Genshin, as it can be quite predatory in the way you have to acquire stronger characters and better equipment, most of these things can't be found in the game world itself like most games.

Fallout New Vegas

While an argument for Fallout 3 could certainly be made here — and we did once in our best PS Plus games list — we decided to give Fallout New Vegas and those Fallout New Vegas trophies their flowers and place the game on the list of the best RPGs of all time.

The story of New Vegas takes place in the year 2281, four years after the events of Fallout 3 and 204 years after the bombs fell. New Vegas is a spin-off of the main Fallout series but features a variety of elements seen in previous games. Players take control of a character known as the Courier who has been ambushed, robbed of the package, shot, and buried in a cemetery. Obviously, you survive this traumatic ordeal and are instilled with bloodlust to find out your would-be killer and recover what was stolen from you, and thus your spiraling Fallout New Vegas story begins.

The Outer Worlds

While The Outer Worlds trophies certainly invoke an air of the Fallout series, it is more than capable of standing on its own two feet and providing a new unique game world for players to get absorbed into. In this sci-fi RPG epic, you get lost in transit while on a colonist ship heading to the furthest edge of the galaxy. Awaking an entire decade later you are thrown into a confusing world filled to the brink with conspiracies and monsters threatening to destroy the world you now call home.

With an engaging storyline, great companions, fun gunplay, a groovy OST, and fantastic comedic moments, there is a lot for players to enjoy if they choose to pick up and play this title. While The Outer Worlds is a stellar game, it is to be noted that any sequels going forward will all be Xbox exclusives, which does sting as the game is fantastic and worthy of being on this list. I guess we PlayStation users will have to view The Outer Worlds as a standalone title from here on out.

Dragon Age Inquisition

An argument for Dragon Age Origins could be just as equally made, we feel that Dragon Age Inquisition trophies edge it out thanks to the game's superior graphics and a much more defined combat system. The story follows your created character known as the Inquisitor as they try to close a mysterious tear in the sky called the Breach, which is unleashing dangerous demons upon the world that you will need to destroy.

Inquisition is filled with all your favorite characters from the Dragon Age series, including all your favorites from Origins and Dragon Age 2. The likes of Morrigan, Varric, and Leliana all return to provide aid to the inquisitor. You will even have a few guest appearances from other fan-favourite characters depending on your choices and actions in previous installments. The story is also captivating and we can't wait to see what Dragon Age Dreadwolf will bring to the table when it releases in the near future.

Elden Ring

Quite frankly, any of FromSoftware's IPs could have made it onto this list — and probably will in the future — When it came down to it, it was a toss-up between the experience of collecting Elden Ring trophies and playing Bloodborne, with Elden Ring just edging the latter out. Elden Ring truly has gone on to take the world by storm, wowing and impressing a plethora of players who have vowed to tackle the many, many, many different bosses littered throughout this massive open world.

Like with any FromSoft game, the story requires you to do a little digging and uncover the lore of the world — something Elden Ring is absolutely brimming with. The main premise of the story is that you, a Tarnished, are told you must acquire something called the Elden Ring which in turn will grant you the ability to become an Elden Lord. To reach your goal you must go on a killing spree and take down all the enemies that would stand in your way — honestly, an absolute whale of a time. Obviously, as stated prior, there is so, so, so much more to Elden Ring than just this and the only way to discover it all will be to complete and uncover a variety of quests within the game world.

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist trophies invite you into a truly unique game that doesn't have the love and respect that it deserves. Throwing you into the role of a ten-year-old, it is up to you to make a variety of decisions throughout your life that will have a greater impact on yourself, your family, your friends, and the colony as a whole. Time passes quickly and you will only have a limited amount of time to make decisions and see the consequences that unfold because of them. When you reach the age of 20, the game will end and you will receive an ending based on your actions and choices made throughout the game.

However, this is where the main mechanic of the game comes into play — past lives. Did you make a decision that got a character killed? Did you not manage to stop certain doom for the colony in time? Your character will remember the actions you choose from previous playthroughs and will be able to utilize them in order to save characters and progress the story in a more positive direction if you want, obviously, you can ignore these choices and choose the path of death if it so please you. After all, the choice is truly yours to make.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The iconic, the legendary, the meme itself, and those addictive The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim trophies, how could an RPG list be complete without the inclusion of this decade-old classic? While mocked for the sheer amount of remakes, re-releases, and special editions released onto PS3, PS4, and PS5, Skyrim is still that game everyone loves regardless.

Exploring the huge open world and completing what feels like a never-ending amount of sidequests and story mission feels so satisfying. Leveling up the many different skills you have and becoming one of the strongest warriors, rouges, mages, thieves, and so on, is incredibly gratifying. The ability to loot pretty much anything and everything to satisfy your kleptomania is also very addictive. We apologize to all the NPCs that have become victims on a daily basis of our uncontrollable urges to loot everything that is not nailed down. We need help.

That is the current list of the best RPGs on PlayStation! What do you think about this RPG list? Are there any games we have missed that deserve to be added immediately? Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Sean Lawson
Sean is a Staff Writer with a focus on the geekiest Sony news. He writes stories about unobtainable PlayStation trophies, the best PS Plus games, as well as RPGs and Fighting games. He is also excited for Tekken 8, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, Baldur's Gate 3, and Dragon's Dogma 2 to launch on PS5. Sean’s favourite games include Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Tekken, and Persona.
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