Suspected GTA 6 leaker pleads “not guilty” as further arrests loom

By Lee Brady,

Grand Theft Auto 6 developer Rockstar has been hacked, leaking early GTA 6 gameplay footage and leading to an investigation that has led to one hacker being arrested and more arrests are expected to follow.

Update 4: The leading suspect behind the GTA 6 leaks and the hack of Rockstar Games has pleaded "not guilty" in court after being charged with two counts of breach of bail conditions and two counts of computer misuse. The suspect's case has since been referred to a higher court by the standing judge. Meanwhile, reports suggest further arrests related to the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak are pending.

gtaFrom GTA Online.

The latest updates come via Bloomberg Law and Matthew Keys at The Desk, both of which note that no evidence or tangible link between the suspect and the Rockstar Games hack has been officially declared, though Keys in a previous update cited sources who claimed the arrest was related. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this latest turn of events.

Update 3: The GTA 6 drama continues with reports that a suspect has been arrested in relation to the hacking of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games. Rockstar had recently been working with service provider Uber after its own hack was reportedly by the same group or individual, and an arrest was made in London, United Kingdom by the City of London Police soon after.

gtaTheft, indeed.

The news broke via official channels like the BBC, with various investigative reporters like Matthew Keys posting on Twitter that the arrest was purportedly related to the hack that saw an outpouring of GTA 6 development videos.

Meanwhile, many industry insiders online are still sharing new details about the game, including Adrien Perea, who suggests that the game has a speculated release date of 2025. Perea was first on various other industry reveals, including the Forspoken delay to 2023 and the Hogwarts Legacy release date also being pushed to 2023, so while this can be taken with a pinch of salt, he has proven correct on these details in the past.

gta 6How magnanimous.

Looks like the news on GTA 6 isn't letting up anytime soon — make sure to check back over the next few days, we'll likely have more information regarding the recent arrest, and perhaps more leaked material. Let us know in the comments below any thoughts you may have on the above.

Update 2: Game developers across the internet, including staff from PlayStation Studios like Bend Studio and Naughty Dog, have banded together to show support for Rockstar Games' development team in the wake of a hack that saw early in-development GTA 6 footage flood online. The support for Rockstar comes as a response to fans and internet commentators who expressed dismay at the state of the upcoming game's graphics, with devs uploading early God of War and Uncharted footage to help dispel players misunderstandings about GTA 6.

To support Rockstar Games' devs, we saw The Last of Us Part 2 game co-director Kurt Margenau post old footage of Uncharted 4 that shows the game as a series of block colours and lines. Bend Studio animator Robert Morrison also put forward early animation footage of Kratos and Atreus fighting Baldur in God of War. Naughty Dog Central also showed off some early The Last of Us footage.

Our sister site TrueAchievements has compiled more footage from games like Control and Cult of the Lamb if you're curious, but we think the point has been made loud and clear — you cannot judge a project by early in-development footage; especially not a project on the scale of Grand Theft Auto 6.

grand theft autoAnd, here we go.

Elsewhere in post-leak news, it was announced in an Uber security update that the service provider would be partnering with Rockstar and pooling together information, following a similar hack that was reportedly by the same individual. Seems like hacks are all the rage these days — let us know in the comments below what your thoughts on the above are.

Update 1: The recently leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage was confirmed real by developer Rockstar Games, who announced in a statement online that the company had been on the receiving end of an illegal hack. Rockstar's statement thus confirms that the footage we initially reported on was legitimate in-development GTA 6 gameplay.

RockstarStatement from Rockstar Games.

In the statement, Rockstar stated that it does not expect "any disruption to our live games services nor any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects," seemingly hoping to dispel speculation that the hack would affect GTA Online or lead to a delay in the development of Grand Theft Auto 6. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this latest GTA 6 update.

Original Story: The supposed GTA 6 leak has given eager PS5 players a long-awaited first glimpse of Rockstar Games' GTA V follow-up via a mix of in-development videos and gameplay footage. Rockstar staff had recently suggested the game was at least two years away from a PS5 release, with Rockstar pulling development away from Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV remasters to focus on its next big title — now fans online finally seem to have an early glimpse at GTA 6's new protagonists and diner robbery gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto 6 potential leaks new protagonist, conspiracy theories

The supposed GTA 6 footage, which has been leaked onto various torrent sites and has been suggested as real by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, gives us our first look at new protagonists Lucia and Jason — the 'Bonnie and Clyde' inspired robbers that PS5 players will be able to hop between during gameplay. We've seen early footage of a diner robbery, which put the player on a timer until the police showed up, and had Lucia robbing registers at gunpoint while Jason kept patrons under control.

In the footage, we saw a number of ways in which GTA 6 seemingly lets players control hostages, with Lucia delivering threats, aiming a gun at hostages, and killing a hostage. Much of the dialogue and character models were not in place when this test was recorded. Still, the game mechanics seemed fairly well-implemented already and a police squad did arrive when the timer depleted.

gtaWhat a headache for the devs this must be.

We also saw an early dialogue-heavy scene featuring Jason that looked more or less complete, with character models in place and a more graphically realised section of the new Miami-based setting. In this section, players could hear an exchange between Jason and his friends/family, with one character spouting off conspiracy theories that suggests the game's writers will be taking plenty of shots at our social media-obsessed world.

Aside from these clips, we saw a bunch of animation tests, including what looks to be an in-progress inertia system, meaning characters will more realistically slide and stumble out of running animations. If the leak does get verified by Rockstar, it would seem the GTA devs are upping realism once again with this latest entry.

gtaTrying to figure out exactly what happened.

We've been eager to see more of the game since GTA 6 was confirmed for PS5 last year, and though we would have hoped to have received our first glimpse through more official channels, this might prove to be a fascinating glimpse at what Rockstar's development looks like behind-the-scenes. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the leak, and please use common sense and do not risk picking up a virus looking for the footage online.
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