Babylon’s Fall is going offline — grab its trophies, maybe a free copy

By Lee Brady,

Babylon's Fall trophies on PS5 and PS4 are going offline, as PlatinumGames and Square Enix are set to close the servers on this ambitious online action-RPG. Players who want Babylon's Fall platinum will need to act fast.

Update: With Babylon's Fall going offline at the end of February 2023, video game stockist GameStop has decided to remove the failed PS5 and PS4 online game from sale. Now, several reports online are suggesting they've been able to pick up a free copy of Babylon's Fall from a local GameStop — meaning any eager trophy hunters out there looking to nab two potentially free platinum trophies might want to call up your local GameStop just in case.


This update, first reported by Push Square, will hardly lessen the sting for players who paid full price for a game that announced its closure before even a year of sale was concluded. Still, for those who have not been betrayed by Babylon's Fall, certainly might be worth checking out for the few months before it disappears forever. Let us know in the comments if you manage to get a hold of a copy!

Original Story: Babylon's Fall is closing down on the 28th February, 2023 and is set to take all its PS5 and PS4 trophies with it. PlatinumGames' and Square Enix's ambitious online action-RPG will get one last season of content before it shuts down, incentivising players to make the best of this one last chance to earn the Babylon's Fall platinum trophy.

babylon"The only thing you can't do is go back." After March 2023, she means.

Babylon's Fall has two platinum trophies to collect before March 2023

News that the Babylon's Fall trophies were going offline came via the game's official blog, where it was also announced that all future planned content beyond the final season has been cancelled. The final season of content is due to kick off on 29th November, 2022 and will run straight through until the game servers shut at the end of February.

PS4 players have until then to earn the Babylon's Fall PS4 trophies and claim the Platinum Sentinel platinum trophy. Meanwhile, PS5 players can earn both this PS4 platinum trophy and a separate PS5-exclusive Platinum Sentinel if they can earn all the Babylon's Fall trophies twice-over before March 2023. Quite the challenge, but the game's platinum trophy has a TT unlock percentage of 24.8% on PS5 and 29.5% on PS4, so anyone who sets their mind to it should be able to grab both before the game goes offline.

Despite crossplay and the clout of Bayonetta and Nier Automata developers PlatinumGames behind it, Babylon's Fall early trailer saw hate from fans online and the game was received very poorly on release. The game saw hype as a PlayStation exclusive in 2021, but when the game launched earlier this year it saw little love from players, leading to its very early demise.

Pour one out for Babylon's Fall, folks — or at least for its unmet potential. Let us know in the comments if you will be running the platinum gauntlet for either or both versions of this one, or if you're content to see the game go offline so you can make room for other online games like Overwatch 2 next month.
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