The best DLC expansions for PS5 and PS4 — from Horizon to Witcher 3

The PS5 and PS4 are home to some of the best DLC expansions, including titles like The Witcher 3 and Cuphead.

The best DLC expansions for PS5 and PS4 — from Horizon to Witcher 3
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


The very best PS5 and PS4 games can often leave you wanting for more — that's not the case with the games on this list, whose DLC expansions gave us everything we wanted and then a little more. If you're looking for game recommendations that also come with the potential for a second helping, then check out our list of the best games with DLC expansions on PS5 and PS3 below.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt expansions

It is not easy at all to discuss The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt's tremendous, deep, beautiful DLC expansions without spoiling something — so we're just going to recommend that you check there out and move swiftly along. Whether your favorite is Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine, you'll come away feeling like you've just finished a Witcher novel and got an extra chunky bite of one of the greatest video games of all time.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

If you've enjoyed Aloy's escapades in the post-post-apocalypse so far, then you need to expand your list of Horizon Forbidden West trophies with the stellar Burning Shores DLC on PS5. While Kes found some of the new additions to the world in his Horizon Burning Shores review simply "adequate," none of those near-hits should bother long-time fans, who will be thrilled to see the game's world looking prettier than ever before.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

PS5 players collecting Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection trophies might not even know that Uncharted The Lost Legacy was originally planned to be an Uncharted 4 DLC expansion once upon a time. Chloe Frazer's spin-off adventure would eventually see its own standalone release on PS4, though the spirit of experimentation we often see in DLC is plain to see in The Lost Legacy's more open structure, so we're still counting it.

Bioshock Infinite — Burial at Sea

Hunting Bioshock Infinite trophies might be the lesser of the great Troy Baker dad game clash of 2013 when compared to The Last of Us, but it's still a tremendously twisty rollercoaster ride that definitely deserves your now ten years on. However, if you were clambering for more of Bioshock's Rapture in Infinite, then you might prefer the extra loops and turns that the alternate world of Burial at Sea offers.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

Tragically, Cuphead and the Delicious Last Course trophies offer nothing but bronzes to shout about, but the quality of this game far outweighs any need for digital accolades. If you've finished your first run of Cuphead and felt a few extra hours of action perfection would make all the difference in the world, then you're in luck: that's exactly what this DLC expansion gives you.

Bloodborne The Old Hunters

You can't go two minutes talking to an expert hunter of Bloodborne trophies before you find yourself inundated with prying questions regarding whether or not you played the game with the DLC expansion, The Old Hunters. Entering the Hunter's Nightmare (as opposed to the Dream), you'll gather new weapons and battle a number of redacted spoilerific bosses for a fresh round of trophies. It's an expansion that Bloodborne players can't stop raving about, so you really must check it out.

Towerfall Dark World

Collecting Towerfall Ascension trophies in one of the tightest, leanest, most brutally fun competitive and cooperative 2D action titles around is an experience you simply owe yourself. Then, once you've cleaned out the trophy list, picking up the Dark World expansion and burning through the new multiplayer options, challenges, and a remixed campaign mode for a few more trophies is a must.

Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry

While a little too short to make our best Assassin's Creed games ranked list, joining Black Flag's Adewala on his journey to free slaves throughout the Caribbean makes for an undeniably satisfying pitch for a video game. If you've been craving the era of Assassin's Creed that Assassin's Creed Mirage trophies promise to take us back to, then you owe it to yourself to play Freedom Cry.

The Last of Us Remastered Left Behind

We talked Left Behind to death in our review of The Last of Us Part 1, but to reiterate: the DLC expansion is a beautiful, tragic tale about two kids with no control over their lives, and it compliments the poignancy of the original story perfectly. This one is also a must if you plan to check out The Last of Us Part II, as it helps fill in some of the gaps in the narrative you might be missing.

Most Telltale games

Finally, this one's our cheat entry made especially for the TrueTrophies members out there. Now and then we'll have a special target on the site that asks players to collect trophies exclusively attached to DLC expansions on PS5 and PS4. However, there's one easy workaround for players looking to bolster their collections: Telltale Games. Collecting Telltale's The Walking Dead trophies and Game of Thrones A Telltale Games Series on PS4 will count towards your DLC tally, so check out these classics and start hunting!

Have you played any of the DLC expansions above? Any PS5 or PS4 games you think we missed out on? Let us know your picks down in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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