The Callisto Protocol trophy list finished, prepare for dismemberment

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The Callisto Protocol trophies are finalised, CTO of Striking Distance Mark James confirmed to TrueTrophies in an interview. The upcoming horror game has a platinum to test your skill and your stomach with plenty of dismemberment.

The Callisto Protocol trophy list is finalised, according to Mark James, the CTO of developer Striking Distance. The action horror game is set for launch on December 5th, 2022 — but be prepared for a platinum trophy that involves dismemberment and backtracking.

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol trophies are finalised!

The Callisto Protocol platinum will have plenty of gore and backtracking

"We have a list of trophies and achievements already!" said James to us in an interview that also covered DLC, PS5 audio, and PS Plus. The list is finalised, and James gave us an inkling of what to expect from the game, which frankly looks set to be massive after a huge Gamescom 2022 appearance.

"There are going to be achievements that are playstyle achievements, like dismembering 100 left arms," continued James. "That kind of [trophy where] you won't even know you are progressing towards it until you suddenly start to get like 50% towards it. You'll be like, 'now I'm gonna play the game, just dismembering left arms.' So, we want that kind of 'found' achievement to come through, as well. These can be obvious ones that are associated with a linear story."

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol story is about a breakout at a prison

"There are more trophies that are associated with 'you escaped the habitat,' those types of things. We definitely want to see playstyles. Each one of the weapons is upgradable with its own path, as well. So you may well play through the entire thing, found 'I've not achieved half of the things with a stun baton — oh my god. Now I've got a whole reason to play through and just upgrade the stun baton!'"

While the kinds of trophies might be the end result, but plenty of work has gone in. James also told us about the Striking Distance methodology behind putting together trophies when we asked if the trophy list was something that is ironed out early in development.

"I think [it's] something a bit later. Early on we play with chapters in our game, about how they all fit together. The end product is linear, but the process isn't. We're still moving around chapters [based] on what happens here [in X location]. We know we've got some story beats to tell, but where does that story beat exist? Does it exist in this environment or this environment?"

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol features some real lookers...

"So, it's really hard to do this design upfront. Then achievements come even later because achievements come out of playstyle. So, we're always looking at the way people play the game and the way they interact with the game to have those goals that are just a bar above. We want to give those people these real accomplishments when they discover these [trophies], as well," concludes James.

If you want to know more about trophies, check out our hardest and easiest trophies on PS Plus, as well as recent changes to trophy lists on PS5. Now, get in the comments and discuss!
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