The Callisto Protocol will get “full year of support” — update

By Lee Brady,

The Callisto Protocol might get new modes and DLC post-launch, with developer Striking Distance Studios planning to invest in the title as the beginning of a major, "expandable" franchise.

Update: With Gamescom busy and loud as ever, the interview quote with CTO Mark James from Striking Distance regarding "four years of support" was mistranscribed — he stated "full year of support." The article has been updated accordingly with our apologies to the development team on this one.

Original story: The Callisto Protocol might not be coming to PS Plus anytime soon, but the survival-horror game is still primed to make a big impression when it lands later on PS5 and PS4 this year with its enhanced PS5 audio and flaunting its gore-riddled M-18 rating. Looking to the future, we wanted to know what Striking Distance Studios' plans for The Callisto Protocol post-launch are — so we asked them.

callistoUs, thinking about what the future of The Callisto Protocol might look like.

Will the Callisto Protocol be getting post-launch DLC?

Speaking at Gamescom 2022 to TrueTrophies in a joint interview with our sister site, TrueAchievements, Striking Distance Studios' CTO Mark James responded to our question regarding post-launch Callisto Protocol DLC quite affirmatively: "We view this as a full-service title and we will be investing in DLC. We’re looking at a full year of support after release."

We inquired into what shape this support and potential DLC could look like; James' reply suggested that the specifics had yet to be decided on: "We’ve left the world expandable. We’ve created a world that can tell different stories, and so we can either tell those stories either through DLC, or we could actually tell those stories through subsequent products. We’ve left those open."

callistoThat sure is a bright future.

"We like to think of this as a franchise — every developer when they [make a new] IP, they like to think of it as a franchise investment. It’s really expensive to generate a new IP, so we always want to try and get the most out of it." Sounds like the future is very bright for The Callisto Protocol then — something that should be very exciting to players already desperate to get their hands on the game's dark, gory world.

The "expandable" comment had us curious just how far The Callisto Protocol's world could stretch — so, we decided to ask James whether we might see Striking Distance take on completely different game genres set in Callisto's universe. We suggested whether we might see a "petting zoo" game, for example — something like The Callisto Protocol-meets-Zoo Tycoon.

callistoTell me you don't see the potential.

James rather wisely dodged our suggestion, stating that we might see the DLC introduce "different modes," — some of which may be inspired by "other survival horror" titles. He then proffered an example of where he envisions the series potentially going: "At the moment, we've got a linear story mode. [...] We can still tell the whole story of the prison outbreak without even touching on the linear story."

So, was that a "no" to our Abomination Tycoon suggestion? James acquiesced: "Maybe a trophy room with heads on the wall; maybe that’s more appropriate?" Well, we’d certainly be happy to see in-game representations of our hard-earned The Callisto Protocol trophies, so let’s pretend we got exactly what we wanted from that question.

callistoSomeone clearly hasn't been maintaining their fences...

For more of our Gamescom 2022 coverage, check out our System Shock gameplay impressions, or switch gears completely reading about Tunic's developer's thoughts on trophies. Let us know in the comments if you're more likely to check out The Callisto Protocol now that it has some longevity planned.
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