The Callisto Protocol coming to PS Plus would be “hard financially”

By Lee Brady,

The Callisto Protocol would be "really hard" to make work financially on services like Sony's PS Plus, according to one of the heads of developer Striking Distance Studio — but for players looking to hold out, there's still hope.

The Callisto Protocol, otherwise known as the game with the most gruesome gameplay trailer this year, is set to launch on PS5 and PS4 later this year. PS Plus subscribers holding out on the game joining the service might want to rethink their strategy, however, as Striking Distance Studio CTO Mark James has confirmed The Callisto Protocol is not coming to PS Plus anytime soon.

callistoWhat... what is that thing!?

The Callisto Protocol on PS Plus? "I'm not saying never."

In a Gamescom 2022 interview with TrueTrophies and our sister website, TrueAchievements, James discussed why we're not likely to see The Callisto Protocol on subscription services like PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass anytime soon, suggesting that it's simply too much of a risk financially for third-party developers making single-player games — something that's not nearly as big a risk for first-party developers such as the PlayStation Studios roster.

"Sony themselves have their own single-player games within their own service. Microsoft has their own single-player games within the service, and I still think you're going to see the platform holder studios provide single-player games in them," James said. "I'm just saying [that] as a financial model, it's a difficult one to make work as an independent studio. I think you're going to see single-player games, but it will probably come from the hardware companies."

callistoRun! It's a subhuman service!

In terms of PS Plus, Sony boss Hikori Totoki took this one step further earlier in the year by adding that, were PS Plus to receive AAA titles like Game Pass on day one, it would "deteriorate the first-party title quality." It seems James shares the same fears for The Callisto Protocol's quality, even as a third-party developer. "As an independent, third-party, it's really hard to make a linear third-person game work within those services," he said.

Elsewhere, he was conscious of the type of games that typically thrive on PS Plus and Game Pass: "You play through once [in The Callisto Protocol]. I think those services are built towards some of the open-world style and repetitive multiplayer games. I think games [like that] survive well on that service." However, there's a faint glimmer of hope for PS Plus subscribers — it just might involve missing out on one of 2022's most exciting titles for what may be a couple of years. James concluded the interview by adding; "I'm not saying never; it's hard financially to make that work." Never say never, you say?

callistoTragic. It got him.

That might be hope enough for subscribers who had their eyes set on another big independent PS5 title, Deathloop, joining the service — a battle they've now won, now that the game was announced as one of the September 2022 new PS Plus Premium and Extra games.

Elsewhere in our interview, James discussed the exciting capabilities of PS5 audio thanks to its utilisation of the Tempest Engine, so make sure to check that out. We also got hands-on with another space-horror adventure at Gamescom, System Shock — check out our impressions on that, and let us know in the comments your thoughts on the above.
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