PS VR2 gets intriguing double announcement

By Sean Lawson,

The PS VR2 is fast approaching PS5 consoles and with each passing month more information spills out into the world. Recently a whole host of juicy details were unveiled about the VR headset and its many new functions.

The PS VR2 is set to release early next year and will take advantage of the PS5 to provide an even greater experience than the original PlayStation VR headset. A whole host of new features have been unveiled in more detail, as well as the process of porting PS5 games to the PS VR2 being a much smoother experience for developers this time around.

PS VR2 has a plethora of new features over its predecessor!PS VR2 has a plethora of new features over its predecessor

Many exciting features for the PS VR2 have been unveiled

As reported by Famitsu, a recent computer entertainment developers event — CEDEC 2022 for short — was held, where a plethora of insights into the new PS VR2 headset was unveiled. This time we have learned a lot more about the PS VR2 as opposed to only learning about an alleged detachable wire for the headset. Check out the details down below of what to expect if you decide to pick up the PS VR2 when it launches.

PS VR2 features

  • The display and the monitor adopt a 4K resolution organic EL display. Which is around four times bigger than the current PS VR, meaning we will have much clearer and more detailed images.
  • The viewing angle has increased from 100 degrees to 110 degrees.
  • The headset has a built-in IR camera for eye-tracking, and it is even possible to capture the movement of the player's line of sight. It is said that the image will be low resolution in the outer field of view where the player's line of sight is not directed. Meaning much smoother performances all around whilst you venture into unknown worlds in your PS VR2 headset.
  • The headset has a new vibration function, where you will be able to feel a character's heartbeat or feel the sensation of something passing near your head. Spooky.
  • Tempest 3D audio has also been incorporated, which is the same audio unit used in the PS5. This means you can enjoy 3D audio according to the movement of the headset.
  • The four round parts on the front of the PS VR2 main unit are tracking cameras. This means you won't need a PlayStation camera to operate the PS VR2, unlike its predecessor.
  • PS VR2 can now be used by connecting a single USB cable to PS5. The original PS VR was burdened by a plethora of cables that needed to be plugged in here, there, and everywhere.
  • A very handy feature is the see-through mode, which allows you to utilise the four cameras on the front of the headset and see your actual surroundings — which hopefully will lead to far fewer smashed TVs.
  • The play area setting scans your environment and detects where furniture is and adapts your experience around it. This setting will be saved after the first scan and won't need to be done again unless you move your furniture around.

PS VR2 will provide much smoother porting of PS5 games
As reported by IGN, developers using who are porting games to the PS VR2 from the PS5 should have a much smoother time in doing so, compared to the process using the original PS VR. The PS VR2 uses the same Software Development Kit as the PS5, which means that the process of porting games should be far simpler for devs to get their heads around.

The PS VR2 will also feature support for Unity and Unreal Engine, which is what a vast majority of game developers use when creating IPs, which once again, should make the whole porting experience much more manageable and bearable. Rendering will also be enhanced due to the PS VR2's GPU, which features Flexible Scale Rasterization. Fancy. Lastly, the PS VR2 will include some developer tools to help them find any pesky bugs that may take away from the player's enjoyment of the headset and the virtual world they are exploring.

How do you guys feel about the PS VR2? Excited? Or are you not that fussed? What about getting stomped on by Lady Dimitrescu? Let us know in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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