September's TrueTrophies PlayStation Targets Announced

By Jack Watling,
The month is almost over, so we're back and ready to announce three new gaming-related Targets for September 2022.

Please note: You can join these Targets now, but you won't start earning towards them until the month actually begins in your region.

September Target 1 — Fighting trophies Target

With free-to-play fighter MultiVersus riding high and the likes of LEGO Brawls and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R releasing in September, we thought a fighting-related Target was apt!

So, Target 1 is for earning trophies in Fighting games.

Unlock trophies in any games tagged with the Fighting genre. You can unlock multiple trophies in the same game.

You can find the full list of Fighting games here.

The Target tiers are:
  • Bronze — 5 trophies earned
  • Silver — 10 trophies earned
  • Gold — 15 trophies earned

September Target 2 — Cooperative trophies Target

Target 2 is for earning trophies flagged as Cooperative.

Any trophies with the Cooperative flag attached will count. You can find a full list of Cooperative trophies here.

The Target tiers are:
  • Bronze — 3 trophies earned
  • Silver — 6 trophies earned
  • Gold — 9 trophies earned

September Target 3 — DLC completion Target

Target 3 is for completing DLC and Title Updates.

Complete any DLC or Title Update and we will count this toward your total. You can complete multiple sets of DLC and Title Updates in the same game.

For a full list of your DLC and Title Updates, click here.

For a full list of DLC and Title Update trophies you have not yet unlocked, click here.

The Target tiers are:
  • Bronze — 1 DLC or Title Update completed
  • Silver — 2 DLC or Title Update completed
  • Gold — 3 DLC or Title Update completed

Are you up to the challenge? Can you get gold medals in all of them? Good luck to everyone taking part... let's do this!
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
Hey, I'm Jack. I'm a long time member of the site and joined the development team back in 2015. When I'm not designing, adding, or leading the development of new site features you can find me running or gaming.
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