Gamescom Opening Night Live round-up — all new PS5, PS4 games revealed

By Sean Lawson,

Gamescom 2022 is in full swing and Opening Night Live did not disappoint, with a plethora of new PS5 and PS4 games being announced — as well as Sony's new and "ultra-customisable" DualSense Edge controller.

Gamescom 2022 is bringing us a whole host of amazing PS5 and PS4 game announcements, including new trailers for Dead Island 2 and The Callisto Protocol. Opening Night Live also gave us the unveiling of Sony's new PS5 controller, the DualSense Edge.

Gamescom 2022 round-upGamescom 2022 round-up

All the PlayStation announcements at Gamecom 2022

Without further ado, let us now dive into the many new developments that occurred during Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live. With surprise announcements and updates to games we've known about for some time now, we have quite a lot to unpack here.

Everywhere — Platform TBA

Build a Rocket Boy Games revealed the new IP that it has been working on called Everywhere. According to a recent news release, Everywhere will: “seamlessly blend gameplay, adventure, creativity, and discovery in an all-new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how players connect with one another and the digital world around them.”

The trailer didn't reveal a release date or any platforms that the game may be coming to. We suspect the PS5 is an obvious choice, but this is yet to be confirmed. Everywhere is developed by the former lead developer of the GTA series, Leslie Benzies.

Dune: Awakening — PS5

Dune Awakening is an MMO game set in the Dune universe. This game was actually teased all the way back in 2019, so it's great to see it finally come to life in this reveal trailer. Developer Funcom also announced that the beta registration was open for anyone who wanted a chance to try and play the MMO early.

DualSense Edge for PS5

The DualSense Edge will give PS5 users the ability to tailor their gaming experiences however they like. The new DualSense controller offers an incredible array of customisable options which you can read all about in our article: PS5 to receive an "ultra-customisable" controller called DualSense Edge.

The Callisto Protocol official gameplay trailer — PS5

Glen Schofield, the creator of The Callisto Protocol, took to the Gamescom stage to give fans another dose of information surrounding the game. This time the topic was centred around the gore — which there is a lot of. A recent rating for The Callisto Protocol also gave us an in-depth idea of what horrific sights we may see when this game finally releases.

The Lords of Fallen — PS5

Lots of Demon's Souls vibes were seen in the announcement trailer for The Lords of Fallen, a sequel to the 2014 title Lords of the Fallen — a little bit confusing, we know.

Moving Out 2 — PS5, PS4

The sequel to the indie romp Moving Out was revealed through a short but adorable little trailer at Gamescom. Moving Out 2 looks to be the perfect couch co-op game to get all your friends together to have a good old time with. If that isn't your style, you can play this game solo or through the online co-op mode that will be available at launch.

Hogwarts Legacy story trailer — PS5, PS4

A new story trailer for Hogwarts Legacy was unveiled at the gaming event, where players will be tempted by the dark arts, which never bodes well for our wizard friends. They really need to stay away from all that evil mumbo jumbo. Additionally, according to Avalanche's community manager Chandler Wood, nearly everything shown in the trailer was part of an optional companion quest line (thanks TrueAchievements.)

New Tales from the Borderlands — PS5, PS4

A New Tales from the Borderland trailer cropped up at Gamescom revealing the sequel that isn't really a sequel to TellTaleGames' smash hit Tales from the Borderland. We already had a strong inkling this would be the case after the game appeared on numerous websites after accidentally being leaked ahead of schedule. While fans may be disappointed to hear that TellTaleGames is not a part of this franchise any longer, our hopes are high that GearBox will be able to deliver a solid game.

Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties DLC — PS5, PS4

We finally received an announcement trailer that unveiled what we can expect to see in the new and upcoming DLC for Dying Light 2. Bloody Ties will launch on October 13th, 2022.

Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale — PS5, PS4

Not much is known about Tortuga: A Pirate's Tale, which appears to be a strategy game of sorts where you take control of a pirate and sail the seas looking for your next conquest. Could this be the game to give Skull and Bones a run for its money?

Sonic Frontiers receives official release date — PS5, PS4

Sonic Frontiers has had its official release date unveiled — mark your calendars for November 8th, 2022. We suspect our resident Sonic the Hedgehog fanatic, staff writer Lee, will be very happy at this announcement.

Under the Waves — PS5, PS4

Quantic Dream and Parallel Studio showed off a new game that the studios have been working on called, Under the Waves. The game looks absolutely stunning from what we can see in the trailer, with a heavy focus on the narrative side of things. It certainly looks as though it could be a game to get completely lost in, it even has some subtle Subnautica vibes going on — but that's probably because it's a game that takes place under the sea.

Goat Simulator 3 gameplay trailer — PS5, PS4

Goat Simulator 3 got its official gameplay trailer revealed at Gamescom; this time we didn't get a fake-out trailer pretending to be Dead Island 2 like we did at Summer Game Fest. You can check out the trailer to witness all of the chaotic insanity we have come to expect from the Goat Simulator series.

Friends vs Friends — Platforms TBA

Friends vs Friends was revealed yesterday and appears to be a vibrant game where — well — you kill your friends. The game appears to merge both FPS and a card deck-based ability system, which looks to be a very unique experience. While we are left a little confused by the trailer, we can't deny that our interest has well and truly been piqued. No consoles have officially been stated, but we would be shocked if this little game didn't make its way onto PlayStation consoles when it releases.

Lies of P — PS5, PS4

Lies of P gives off a lot of Bloodborne vibes, specifically due to the Victorian setting we can see in the trailer. This could be the perfect game to pass time with while we wait for a sequel to Bloodborne, as the game appears to be taking a lot of what we love about the Souls series and crafting a new and unique world for us to explore. The game's story is based on Pinocchio — yep, you read that correctly — where you will guide our protagonist on an adventure to become a real human being.

Atlas Fallen — PS5

The new game from Deck13, Atlas Fallen, will see us using a very unique weapon as we fight giant beasts that seem hellbent on devouring us whole — sand. But this isn't just any sand, this is magic sand that we can manipulate to become a variety of weapons, which are showcased a little in the trailer.

Genshin Impact 3.0 — PS5, PS4

Genshin Impact revealed the 3.0 update that is set to feature a brand new region called Sumeru. Alongside this, we also got to see some of the new characters we will be able to try and unlock through the wish system.

The Expanse — PS5, PS4

TellTaleGames is back in action and the company showed off some gameplay for the new and upcoming interactive adventure The Expanse, which is based on the Amazon Prime series with the same name. It is very exciting to see TellTale coming back into the limelight after so long, we can only wish for the best and that this game goes on to smash it out of the park.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game — PS5, PS4

One of the biggest shock announcements was Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game, a game that is based on the cheesy horror film from the 80s. We couldn't be more excited to be quite honest. The game is multiplayer, so you best team up and find a way to beat back these evil Klowns. We suspect the gameplay will be similar to Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, and Evil Dead: The Game.

Scars Above — PS5, PS4

Scars Above was unveiled at Gamescom 2022 and off showed off its breathtaking storyline and alien combat. In the trailer, we can see alien objects appearing above Earth, with human explorers discovering the horrors of what lurks in these structures. The structures give us a bit of remnant vibes from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Wyrdsong — Platforms TBA

While it was only a short tease, Wyrdsong looks extremely promising, especially given that it comes from developers Something Wicked, which was established by Jeff Gardiner, the former lead at Bethesda. We can expect something quite ambitious when this game finally makes its way onto consoles — or so we hope. No platforms were announced during the reveal, but fingers are crossed that we hear more information on that aspect soon.

Gotham Knights release date trailer — PS5, PS4

A new trailer for the upcoming Gotham Knights game had quite a few nice little surprises within it. Firstly, Harley Quinn and Clayface will both be playing major antagonists, finding ample ways to cause mayhem for our group of heroes. Lastly, Gotham Knights will be released onto PS4 and PS5 consoles on October 21st, 2022 quite a bit earlier than originally expected.

Park Beyond — PS5

Park Beyond is a new theme park simulator, similar to games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme Park Simulator. The game will be published by Namco Bandai and developed by Limbic Entertainment.

Phantom Hellcat — PS5, PS4

Developers Ironbird Creations were revealed at the Opening Night Live event, as well as the studio's new hack'n'slash game Phantom Hellcat. The game looks to be a wild ride, judging from the trailer, and will see the character of Jolene fighting her way through her enemies to save her mother from the darkness that has taken her hostage.

Blacktail A Witch's Fate Trailer — PS5

Blacktail was already unveiled at previous showcases; however, this trailer showed off even more of the game and what we can expect to see when it eventually comes to the PS5 in the future.

The Outlast Trials Closed Beta Trailer — PS5, PS4

The Outlast Trials received a brand new trailer that shows off more of the macabre and sinister world players will be exploring. On top of this, a closed beta is on the way for Halloween that will take place between October 28th - November 1st.

Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer — PS5, PS4

Dead Island 2 has finally been re-revealed (even though a leak did happen earlier this month that revealed the game's box art and a synopsis of what to expect) and seeing the game looking so clean and polished after all these years is a treat indeed. The trailer showcases a bunch of bloody and grotesque ways we can decimate our zombie opponents, including just straight-up punching a hole through their heads. The game will feature six playable characters and is set to release on February 3rd, 2023.

That's all the PS4 and PS5 announcements that happened at Gamescom 2022. Are there any in particular that you are excited about? Let us know in the comments below!
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