Kena Bridge of Spirits massive free update is now live on PS4, PS5

By Sean Lawson,

The Kena Bridge of Spirits huge update for PS5 and PS4 has now landed and has incorporated a variety of new game modes, outfits, and accessibility options — though there are no new extra DLC trophies.

Update: The Kena Bridge of Spirits massive update has finally landed on PS4 and PS5, bringing a whole host of new and exciting features for players to delve into. There are new costumes to give Kena an extra flare of style as you explore this breathtaking world, and even a new game plus mode which will help aid you in snatching up any missed Kena Bridge of Spirits trophies and earning yourself the platinum trophy 'All Trophies Obtained.'

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is beautifulKena: Bridge of Spirits is beautiful

We can't wait to dive back on into this magical and whimsical world. Kena was a fantastic experience the first time round, blending a bit of platforming with action-adventure seamlessly. What do you guys make of this new update? Excited to dive back into Kena and experience the game all over again? Were there any trophies hindering you that you think might be obtainable now? Let us know in the comments below!

Original Story: Kena Bridge of Spirits is getting a new free update that might help you with the trophy list. In addition, while the indie adventure is currently a PS5, PS4 timed exclusive for the Sony consoles, Kena Bridge of Spirits is going to be coming to Steam for all PC players to finally experience and will no longer need an Epic Games account to play.

Kena Bridge of Spirits will get a free update on September 27th 2022

IGN are the ones who have revealed this exciting announcement about Kena, where we learned the game is getting New Game+, Charmstones, Spirit Guide Trials, Kena Outfits, and accessibility features — all of which should make getting those final Kena Bridge of Spirits trophies that bit easier. The difficulty trophies were a pain, as were the missable enemy kills, so these should help alleviate some of that pain.

IGN also provided in-depth details on these new additions coming with the update to Kena Bridge of Spirits on September 27th 2022. See them down below.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Anniversary Update Additions

  • "New Game+, which will allow players who’ve completed the game to restart Kena’s journey with all of their previously unlocked abilities, upgrades, outfits, Rot, etc and take on redesigned and more challenging combat encounters."
  • "Charmstones that are individually equipable - these unique collectibles each provide different adjustments to Kena’s stats and abilities."
  • "New game mode called the Spirit Guide Trials, challenging players’ skills with a variety of replayable challenges across three different categories; Obstacle Courses, Wave Defenses, and Boss Reflects."
  • "Completing the Spirit Guide Trials unlock outfits for Kena, each one inspired by one of the characters she meets along her journey. Succeeding at bonus objectives within each trial can unlock color variations of each outfit, as well as some unique Charmstones."
  • "An exclusive new outfit for Deluxe Edition owners."
Kena: Bridge of Spirits is getting a free updateKena: Bridge of Spirits is getting a free update

Check out our Kena Bridge of Spirits review! How are we feeling about this Kena Bridge of Spirits news? I'm actually very excited as it means I may finally be able to snatch that platinum trophy 'All Trophies Obtained.' All that stands in my way is 'Master Spirit Guide.' Are you excited that Kena is coming to Steam as well? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
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