PS Plus Extra gets two bonus games after Sony mix-up

By Lee Brady,

PS Plus Extra has gained two new bonus games — Everspace and Wheel of Fortune — both of which are now live on PS5 and PS4. Sony had previously announced both games but then quietly unannounced them in a strange mix-up.

Update: Ubisoft's Wheel of Fortune is now available on the PlayStation Store in both the US and Canada. No reason for the delay from Sony has been given, but now PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers can access the popular quiz show game alongside this month's other bonus game, Everspace.

Original Story: PS Plus Extra has added two bonus games, Everspace and Wheel of Fortune, despite Sony removing all social media references to either shortly after their initial announcement. References to both games joining PS Plus were taken down while we were reporting on the August 2022 PS Plus games. The games are now both available to download for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers on PS5 and PS4 — however, their availability might be limited depending on where you live.

ps plus bonusEver... spice?

Wheel of Fortune not available on PS Plus Extra in US and Canada

For reasons not immediately apparent, Wheel of Fortune for PS4 is not available on PS Plus Extra in the US and Canada. PS Plus subscribers across a bevvy of EU, UK, and Australian territories, should find the bonus game is now live and available to download for free. Wheel of Fortune is also not available in the majority of Asian territories, including China and Japan, though this is because the game was never released in all territories.

Rockfish Games' Everspace, on the other hand, seems to be available in the US, Canada, EU, UK, and Australian territories with no such restrictions, making the initial announcement — followed promptly by all trace of the game's coming to PS Plus Extra being removed by Sony — all the more baffling. We can understand Sony being careful on promising Wheel of Fortune too early if it wasn't coming to a few major territories, but Everspace being widely available just makes its messy announcement look strange and misguided.

wheel of fortuneYou just won — A BRAND NEW THIS.

Between last month's PS Plus bonus PSP game Echoshift hitting the service last minute, games like Dino Crisis and The Legend of Dragoon getting weird teases or leaks with no news in sight, and PS Plus Premium getting no new games for August 2022, it appears Sony is still a mess when it comes to clarifying what is and isn't coming to its subscription service.

Hopefully, you enjoy what has been made available in your territory — let us know if you're excited to play either game, and whether the weird territory divide means you've been deprived of some Wheel of Fortune time in the comments below.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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