Legendary Kojima Silent Hills demo PT delisting mystery unravelled

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The infamous delisting of Kojima's now-legendary horror game PT has enraptured gamers for years after the split up between the Metal Gear Solid creator and publisher Konami. Now, eight years later, the real story is unfolding.

The story behind Kojima's horror game PT being delisted from the PSN Store has been revealed by an alleged former Konami employee. Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear series, split up with the Japanese publisher in 2014 after years of service in the midst of developing a Silent Hill game.

P.T. delistingPT delisting was particularly sad given it was an exceptional bit of horror

PT remains one of PlayStation's greatest horror experiences

VGC recorded now-private tweets from jadepearli, the Konami employee in question, in response to Kojima's 8-year anniversary celebration of the game. About the PT demo, they stated: "Since I was the 1P lead at the time at Konami, I helped get this product set up on the storefronts, fake publisher and everything. And I was the one who had to call Sony and ask them to take it down and block redownloads. That was a super fun conversation."

The game demo was surprise dropped at Gamescom 2014 under the studio name 7780s to hide the Kojima Productions and Silent Hills connection. When the Kojima-Konami split occurred, the game was delisted entirely, despite arguably being one of the best horror-filled PS4 games. Now it is only playable on PS4 consoles with it pre-installed. On why it was removed, Pearl noted: "I say this with love, 'because Konami.'"

P.T DelistingPT delisting is nearly as horrifying as this face

“Sony (as always) was fantastic to work with. It was a tough situation all around,” the staffer continued. “It was a ride! Honestly, [the experience was] not a great situation all around — I really felt for Sony who had to bear the brunt of dealing with the situation.” Later, Pearl said: “It was defo an interesting lesson in power and the importance of picking your battles in relationship management.”

It seems the Konami customer service actually took a hit during this period, with Pearl saying that: “They already had a tough time as it was (there’s a reason they have ‘work’ names when fielding calls), this did not make things better.” When asked what delisting PT was like, the staffer said: “Awkward is right! We’d already gone thru a lot to get it set up, got a lot of operational exceptions. And then to add the request to block redownload? More engineering workarounds. It was exciting to see ppl hype about it and see the work pay off! But in a way also not.”

sony newsSony's first foray into delisting, but maybe Cyberpunk 2077 is the most memorable?

Pearl would go on to say that PT was the first time Sony had to deal with delisting while blocking redownloads on the PS Store. “Believe me, I wish it had gone differently too. It was definitely really fun to be plotting this secret cool thing for the fans. it was amazing to see everyone come together to try to figure out the experience and see them come away with so much love for it! I’m super grateful I got to be a part of that in some small way.”

Interestingly, Gullermo Del Toro who was set to feature in Silent Hills tweeted "F.K," believed to mean F**k Konami — a phrase he tweeted back during the delisting in 2014 — suggesting that Konami is the big bad in this situation. While it hasn't made the Best PS4 Games, Kojima might find more success with his rumoured full title Overdose which supposedly features fan favourite actors from Death Stranding. What do you think of the news? Still longing for Silent Hills? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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