Cult of the Lamb review round up

By Sean Lawson,

Cult of the Lamb is about to arrive on all PS5, PS4 consoles, but before you allow yourself to be completely indoctrinated into your new cult family, check out these reviews to make sure the game is right for you.

Cult of the Lamb was released on August 11th 2022, on both PS5 and PS4. This rogue-like action-adventure game sees you thrown into the role of a possessed lamb saved from annihilation by an ominous stranger and must now repay their debt by building a loyal following in his name, indoctrinating all the cute little wildlife critters that you can. The game looks like it could be a smash hit for both Devolver Digital and Massive Monster, and we don't seem to be alone in that thinking.

Check out the review round up down below for Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb reviews

Cult of the Lamb review goodness!Cult of the Lamb review goodness!

Dexerto — 8.5/10
Brad Norton: "Beyond those fixable gripes, the lack of a substantive endgame, and a handful of balancing issues, there’s a wonderfully fun time to be had with Cult of the Lamb. Despite its dark themes and violent tendencies, a charming, joyful experience awaits under the surface. Reaching that flow-state where the game’s many interlocking systems are firing on all cylinders is well worth putting up with any hardships along the way. With proper support moving forward, Cult of the Lamb has all the potential to grow into something truly special from this foundation, much like you can on the journey contained within."

Destructoid — 8.5/10
Jordan Devore: "I’m a big fan of roguelite action games and city builders, but even if you’re on the mild side, Cult of the Lamb is a winning combo. It draws many of the best aspects of those genres, places them in a one-of-a-kind world, and charts its own condensed course. The result is hard to put down. Despite the morbid subject matter and potential for player fatigue, this is such an easy game to recommend to a wide audience. Go on, spread the good word."

PC Gamer — 8.2/10
Luke Kemp: "Cult of the Lamb is clever, it’s wonderfully designed, and the script is sharp and funny. The atmosphere is great, helped in no small part by art which immediately endears itself to you. Speaking of which, making all of your followers adorable wickle critters was a smart choice. Intentionally or otherwise, it makes the brainwashing and murky morals amusing rather than disturbing. Unlike anything else, and able to meld its two disparate halves into something cohesive and satisfying. You won’t feel fleeced if you buy this."

IGN — 8/10
Tom Marks: "Cult of the Lamb is as adorable as it is unsettling, an eclectic mix of genres and themes that come together extremely well. Its combat is immensely satisfying even if its short runs and the relative lack of variety between them doesn’t give it the lasting appeal of other action roguelikes, and building my very own cult base and tending to a flock of followers was just as fun as any swing of the axe. I may not revisit it now that the credits have rolled, but Cult of the Lamb is something altogether different that I had an absolute blast playing."

NME — 3/5
Jordan Oloman: "Cult of the Lamb is so inspired and enticing in the beginning, but it feels crushed under the weight of its own ambition. A bit like a real cult, then? A smart but flawed indie game with a good heart, Massive Monster’s latest is well worth a look if you have played and enjoyed its varied inspirations, but it can’t quite deliver on the promise of controlling an emergent cult of critters, at least in a way that feels free of bugs or repetitive busywork."

Xbox Era — 9.6/10
Jesse Norris: "Cult of the Lamb is awesome. The game offers up beautiful visuals, hilarious dialogue, is damned smart and plays like a dream. It is one of the best roguelikes mashed together with one of the best community builders I have ever played."

ACG — "Buy"

Gamespot — 9/10

Do these reviews get you excited for Cult of the Lamb? Will you be creating the greatest cult alive? Planning to get all the Cult of the Lamb trophies and snatch that glorious platinum trophy called 'Godhood?' Let me know your sinister motives in the comments below!
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