PS1 RPG The Legend of Dragoon finally announced for PS Plus Premium

By Lee Brady,

PS1 RPG The Legend of Dragoon was finally revealed for PS Plus Premium — no mention of trophy support yet, but it seems Shuhei Yoshida's tweet did have weight after all.

Update: The new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for February 2023 came with a surprise announcement — PS1 RPG The Legend of Dragoon is finally heading for PS Plus Premium. We suspected the game was coming to PS Plus Premium all the way back in August 2022, and if the recent trend of PS1 games getting trophy support continues, we're sure this one is bound to get a trophy list in the near future.

Original Story: Ex-Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios (now known as PlayStation Studios) president Shuhei Yoshida retweeted a nearly three-year-old post from The Legend of Dragoon's composer Dennis Martin seemingly out of the blue, setting the internet alight with speculation that some news about the classic PS1 RPG might be coming soon. So, looking at all likely options, here's why we think The Legend of Dragoon might be coming to PS Plus Premium with trophies.

dragoonThe Legend of Dragoon might be coming to PS Plus Premium with trophies

PS1 RPG The Legend of Dragoon could come to PS Plus Premium

So far, the list of PS1 games with trophy support on PS Plus is rather short — tragically, we only have five entries on our PS Plus PS1 trophies difficulty list, at time of writing. Suffice it to say, we're always on the lookout for even the faintest sign that a new PS1 game might be joining PS Plus Premium, on the off-chance, it might also be carrying a platinum trophy.

Now, the case here is incredibly tenuous — it could be just a strange, oddly-timed retweet from The Legend of Dragoon's original producer Shuhei Yoshida. However, according to our breakdown of PS Plus for August 2022, we're only a week away from finding out what games will be added to PS Plus Extra and Premium. That means this week would make the perfect time to start building hype towards a new PS Plus Premium addition; particularly if you were once that game's producer.

dragoonThe retweet in question.

Shuhei Yoshida often uses his Twitter to signal boost upcoming PS4 and PS5 releases, and not so much to dredge up two-and-a-half-year-old tweets to remind people of the time he was the producer on The Legend of Dragoon. He's also known to be a trophy-hunting fiend, particularly when it comes to Fall Guys for some reason. Combine the man's love for games coming to PlayStation, his love for trophies, and his strange retweet, and you can see why people's heads are circling this particular speculative drain.

It's entirely possible Yoshida is teasing something else — there is supposedly a State of Play rumoured to be on the horizon. Perhaps we're getting The Legend of Dragoon remake we never knew we needed — we're still waiting with bated breath to hear what Bluepoint Games are up to these days. However, it's far more likely that this PS1 classic, which was already available digitally on the PS3 and Vita, is waiting to surprise us alongside other classics such as Oddworld Abe's Odyssey and Ridge Racer when they eventually join PS Plus.


If the game were to show up, we suspect it would carry with trophy support, as all the PS1 games on the service thus far — like those Syphon Filter trophies and Wild Arms trophies — come from first-party PlayStation Studios like Bend Studio and Team Asobi (previously Japan Studio). The Legend of Dragoon was a former Japan Studio production, so if the game were to hit the service, we feel confident it would join Ape Escape trophies in getting full support.

We'll just have to wait and see, but it would be great to have a platinum trophy incentive to check this one out! PS1 trophies in Ape Escape did a great job incentivising me to play through the game, so I'd love the chance to dive into something a lot bigger with far more dated pre-rendered graphics to enjoy — so long as they don't make the PS1 trophies too hard, of course. Let us know if you would check out Legend of Dragoon with PS1 trophies in the comments below!
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