Genshin Impact cheating drama has big Bungie vibes

By Sean Lawson,

While lawyers for Destiny devs Bungie recently stated that suing cheaters was "good for business," it seems miHoYo might be a little more straightforwardly against the practice.

The Genshin Impact cheat creators have made roughly $296K from creating and selling this illegal "KQ plug-in." The trio were caught back in August 2021, but have only just received a final verdict for their crimes. The group sold around 40,000 of these plugins between the dates of October 2020 to May 2021. While the Bungie lawyer believes suing cheaters is "good for business," miHoYo clearly will not tolerate the practice on a far more professional level.

Genshin Impact cheat creators finally receive a sentence.Genshin Impact cheat creators finally receive a sentence.

The Genshin Impact plugin gave players an unfair advantage over those playing normally

As reported by both GameRant and NetEase, the offenders each received a different sentence to one another. The main offender was sentenced to four years in jail and a fine of $50K, the main accomplice was sentenced to three years and ten months and a $50K fine, while the final accomplice received only one year and six months jail time and a fine of $10K. The charges are converted from Yuan to Dollars.

Bungie's top lawyer Don McGowan's advice for cheaters was more universal than we anticipated. "Serious consequences await anyone else foolish enough to volunteer as a Defendant by targeting Bungie's community for attack," he said. Seems the same is true for those who also try to pull that with miHoYo's community too.

MiHoYo clearly takes these situations very seriously, so it would be smart to not test the waters and just play the game as intended. Some Reddit users even pointed out how anyone who used the plugin was technically stealing from miHoYo, as the plugin gave users unlimited access to Primogens (Genshin Impact's in-game currency) that are used to draw from the Wish pool in an attempt to unlock new characters and weapons. This has actually drawn some criticism around the world with some countries looking to ban loot boxes.

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact cheaters should shut down their operations

Regardless of the morality of the loot boxes in Genshin Impact, any player who has access to unlimited Primogems has a far superior chance of unlocking and maxing out all the best characters in the game, in turn making the Genshin Impact trophies an absolute breeze to unlock. That sweet little platinum trophy called 'The Path of Discovery' may sit with a higher unlock rate than normal all because of this plugin. This is unfair to all the other PS4, PS5 players who are trying to earn this platinum fair and square.

How do you guys feel about all this? Feel bad for miHoYo for having to deal with this cheater fiasco? Think it is a positive thing to see another company crack down on cheating as Bungie has? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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