‘Press X for Trophies’ proves paid platinums are destroying PS Store

By Sean Lawson,

Press X for Trophies shows that the PSN Store is slowly overflowing with terrible and downright pointless cash-grab titles to give PlayStation users platinum trophies for doing absolutely nothing.

Update: It would seem Sony may have taken a stance against this paid-for platinum game called 'Press X for Trophies.' The game has been the source of quite a controversial topic when it comes to games where the sole purpose is to provide players with quick and easy platinum trophies.

Press X for Trophies is no longer available for purchase!Press X for Trophies is no longer available for purchase!

Paid platinum game 'Press X for Trophies' seemingly removed from PlayStation Store

Press X for Trophies appears to have been removed from the PSN Store. When you click the link to the page, you are greeted with the message: "Not available for purchase." The reason for the removal of the game is unknown, it could be to do with the blatant fact the game was nothing more than a quick paid platinum trophy, and didn't even attempt to hide this fact. PlayStation may have policies against this sort of product in place. Whereas the likes of the Frogo trophies or Frightence trophies cover up their paid platinum by pretending to be an actual game.

What do you make of all this? Happy to see the game taken down? Or were you happy to add another quick and easy platinum to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Original Story:
Press X for Trophies proves that paid-for platinum trophies are becoming more of the norm these days. The PlayStation Store is becoming rife with this content that gets pushed out in high volumes on a daily basis. Just look at the likes of The Jumping Taco trophies, The Pig D trophies, and the Steam Engine trophies to get an idea of how simple and ridiculous these paid-for platinum trophies are.

XEasy platinums that are paid-for seem to be dominating the PlayStation Store!

PlayStation game "Press X for Trophies" isn't pretending to be anything but a simple platinum

Spotted by PushSquare, Press X for Trophies is a prime example of the atrocities that worm their way onto the PSN Store. The developer of Press X for Trophies is also called Game Achievements Ltd, which is just another telling sign of what this developer intends to do with its games going forward. The description for Press X for Trophies does at least allude to the fact the developer is self-aware enough of just what they are putting out into the world.

"Games are often made to be challenging, well at least they used to be. These days things are a little easier," reads the description on the PS Store. "Press X For Trophies is a game made to help spread the word of how things should change and how the world of gaming is changing. It's slightly ironic, and the story is told through it's trophy system."

Easy platinums that are paid-for seem to be dominating the PlayStation Store!Easy platinum trophies, are they good or bad?

Press X for Trophies is certainly not the first of its kind, The Sheep P trophies, like most of the games in the "P" or "D" series, ask you to simply hold down the R2 button for around two minutes as you watch a wave of trophies pop up before the glorious sound of a platinum trophy graces your screen. Is it the sound of accomplishment? Or is it the sound of your parents' disappointment in you?

There is no skill needed for these games, there is no accomplishment. You have simply spent some of your hard-earned money for a quick and easy platinum trophy that no one will be impressed by. While Press X for Trophies isn't out yet, the fact that it so brazenly doesn't attempt to hide what its intentions are is quite the perplexing thing to see. Whilst it will most likely do exactly the same format as Burger Fun trophies or Space Explorers Red Planet trophies, you can't defend yourself from this title being on your trophy list, it says exactly why you purchased it.

Easy platinum trophiesHave you played many of these titles?

Just to clarify, we aren't saying that easy trophies are necessarily bad, heck, we even have an entire list dedicated to the easiest PlayStation Plus Extra, Premium platinum trophies. What we are saying is that paid-for platinum trophies are a terrible new money-making scheme. We are all for a game with an easy platinum that also provides players with substance, be that through the gameplay, story, characters, music, and so on. A game that lasts five minutes, costs you £2/$3, and rewards you with a platinum trophy for doing nothing other than clicking a button a few times here or there — it's just trash. Trash that is swarming the PSN Store.

We have done stories like this in the past, look at our article: Paid platinum trophies: 5 PS5 and PS4 games, 4 minute completions, at $3 each. There doesn't seem to be any slowing down for these paid platinum games. What do you guys make of all this? Do you actually like these simple and easy platinum trophies? We are sure you have lots of thoughts and feelings and we would love to hear them all in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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