PlayStation exclusive IP from Deviation Games now in full production

By Lee Brady,

Deviation Games' are currently developing a new AAA PlayStation IP for PS5, and it looks like the game is finally in full production after the studio hinted work would start at some point this year.

Thanks to an Instagram post from Call of Duty actor David Paladino, we now know that Deviation Game's upcoming PS5 exclusive is now in full development and that the studio is already motion-capturing actor performances for the game. Since teaming up with PlayStation, Deviation had to also expand with a new team started in Canada as it geared towards full production for 2022.

deviation playstation gamePaladino, who has caught Mocap.

New PlayStation IP coming from ex-Treyarch producers

Paladino, whose mocap picture was noticed first at Push Square, has appeared in a number of Call of Duty games — including those produced by Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell, co-founders of Deviation Games and ex-designers (and, occasionally, either producers or directors) for Call of Duty Black Ops series developers Treyarch.

It's quite touching that Paladino came along for the ride — perhaps he's something of a good luck charm for the ex-Call of Duty devs. Details of what kind of game we're due to expect from Deviation have been scant thus far as the studio has kept everything well under wraps, but so long as we can avoid another space horror on the horizon apeing The Callisto Protocol we should be good. Let us know in the comments if you're excited about this new project!
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Written by Lee Brady
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