Tactics Ogre Reborn hits PS5, PS4 release with controversial art style

By Sean Lawson,

Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a game developed by Square Enix is coming to PS4, PS5 consoles. This enhanced version of the tactical RPG had its release date revealed in the announcement trailer, but the new art style is upsetting fans.

Tactics Ogre Reborn is getting enhanced and ready for action thanks to the new updates Square Enix has implemented. Tactics Ogre is known for being the precursor to Final Fantasy Tactics. We recently discussed that this PS1 precursor to Final Fantasy Tactics was getting a remake for PS5, PS4 and now we have an official release date. Tactic Ogre Reborn will be coming to PS5, PS4 consoles on November 11th 2022. While exciting for most, some fans have taken issue with the new art style.

This Final Fantasy Tactics precursor will finally have another opportunity to shine

The trailer showed off more than just the new visuals and a release date, the trailer also alluded to some enhancements in the form of a possible story extension. In the trailer, we see the text: "The crown jewel of the tactical role-playing genre. Reborn and deeper than ever." If this is the case, it's not uncommon for games to add story extensions, just look at the Persona series as an example, both Persona 4 Golden and Person 5 Royal added new characters and an extended story in their respective updated releases.

While an exciting time that some RPG fans may finally get to discover this Final Fantasy Tactics precursor on new consoles like the PS5, older fans of the series have taken a disliking to the new art style that Square Enix has implemented to Tactics Ogre Reborn. Spotted by Kotaku, fans have taken to Twitter to express their upset with the new and updated art style.

Tactics Ogre: RebornTactics Ogre Reborn is coming to PS4, PS5 consoles

What do you guys make of this announcement trailer? Excited to see this Final Fantasy Tactics precursor back in action? Have you got any personal feelings against the new and updated visuals? Let me know all your opinions down below in the comments!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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