Sonic '06 fan remake fixes horrendous PS3 loading times

By Lee Brady,

Project '06 is an unofficial fan remake of Sega's infamous PS3 disaster Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), looking to salvage the best elements of Sonic Team's maligned next-gen Sonic game.

With Project '06 (Sonic P-06) developer Ian "ChaosX" Moris teasing a future update to the fan project, our minds are simply baffled by the difference between Sonic P-06's supersonic load times and the classic snail crawl loading times of Sonic '06 on PS3. The difference is seriously night and day, and that's only the surface level in terms of changes the game has seen.

Sonic '06 for PS3 gets stunning fan remake

When Moris teases on Twitter over 300 upcoming lines of changes coming to Sonic P-06, it's hard to even imagine what's left to be done when you look at footage of the remake. The game just looks sublime — a vision of what Sonic the Hedgehog's 2006 outing would never have been, frankly, because there simply was no way this game was ever going to run that smoothly on a PS3.

Aside from continuing to streamline the often quite unreliable platforming of Sonic Team's 2006 effort, Sonic P-06's latest changelog brought a now functioning, broadly improved Shadow the Hedgehog campaign to the remake, in-stage Japanese voice acting, and continues refining the originally-cut playable Super Sonic. That these patches are somehow more dependable than Sega's inbound Sonic Origins patch is truly bewildering — and inspiring.

Sonic 06 remakeAs usual, fans crush it when it comes to Sonic.

For those with memories of the sluggish, broken PS3 original, watching this might truly have you believe in a Sonic Adventure 3 after all. Tragically, no patching out that human-on-hedgehog kiss scene — or can you? Not entirely sure the limitations of such black magic, maybe we can work Big the Cat in there too if we can command such power. Let us know in the comments if you experienced the PS3 original and make sure to check out and support Moris' work!
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Written by Lee Brady
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