Devil May Cry went Capcom platinum — let’s talk DMC platinum trophies

By Lee Brady,

Devil May Cry once more made Capcom’s Platinum Titles, reminding us of the series’ platinum trophies and their inherent brutality. To celebrate another successful win for Dante and co., let’s talk about DMC platinum trophies.

The PS4 edition of Devil May Cry HD Collection just crossed 1.1 million sales, qualifying it for Capcom’s Platinum Titles list. The word platinum has a certain context around these parts, so it seemed apt to mark the occasion by talking about how brutal the Devil May Cry series’ platinum trophies can be.

devil-may-cry-platinum-trophiesThe pick of the litter.

Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3 trophies are absolutely brutal

The PS4 edition of Devil May Cry HD Collection, as first reported by Bloody Disgusting, isn’t even the first collection of the Devil May Cry series to make Capcom’s Platinum List — the PS3 edition did it first. That means up to a (technically possible but simply not accurate) maximum of 2.3 million PlayStation players have come face to face with the trophy lists of Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, and will know the pain of doing so.

Not a single Devil May Cry game’s platinum sits above 4% in PSN unlock percentage — not even the DMC Devil May Cry’s platinum trophy went easy on players, and that game was designed by a completely different team from the other titles. The quote-unquote “easiest” platinum in the series was the PS3 Devil May Cry 2 platinum trophy at a breezy, accessible 3.2% unlock rate.

DMC trophiesGetting the DMC3 platinum means putting up with this guy a lot.

It’s a number that should stagger anyone who’s actually played DMC2, which is easily the most broken in the series, but it’s precisely for that reason players will have had an easier time busting this particular game right open. With its broken gun juggling turning all but the helicopter boss into a joke, the biggest challenge was simply having the patience to beat the game on Must Die Mode to earn Every Tongue Will Confess, or to tiptoe through with Trish to earn Barehand Beauty.

For Devil May Cry 1 and 3, the problem is — as it almost always is — Dante Must Die Mode. For Devil May Cry 3, there’s an extra wrinkle in Heaven or Hell Mode, but the DMC3 platinum trophy’s generally higher unlock rate suggests people are willing to go to extra lengths for an all-time classic. Devil May Cry 1 is (broadly speaking) an easier game to master, but its early-days design will ward players away, and its I Read You Like a Book trophy is just an exercise in frustration, forcing you to not only see every enemy, but also every enemy’s move — some of which just do not play readily at all.

dmc platWe're about to talk about some real heavy hitters though, and I don't just mean the TT community at large.

DMC4 and DMC5 platinum trophies are the hardest in the series

Say what you want about the general PSN masses, however — when it comes to our own TrueTrophies community, it’s clear our players are the mighty wheat with none of the chaff. While the Devil May Cry platinum trophy might get at a 1.9% around the world, here at TT, we’re sitting cosy at 11.6%. For the brutally hard Devil May Cry 3, TT has a soaring clear rate of 16.4%. Sure, cynics might say our sample size is smaller than the global PlayStation-playing pool — take what petty comforts you can, chaff.

That said, there are two games even our mightiest wheat have struggled with, and that’s Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition and Devil May Cry 5. DMC4’s Devils Never Cry platinum trophy has an unlock rate on PSN of 0.5%, and here on TT the fractionally superior 4.6%. DMC4 came absolutely stuffed with crushing additional modes, forcing players to buckle as they tried to clear all of the Bloody Palace stages with every character, including Trish and Lady, to earn House of Pain. Not to mention having Dante Must Die Mode with an S ranking to earn Never Say Die — simply cruel stuff.

Devil May Cry 5 screenshotWell, this trophy rating isn't going to convince haters that Nero's actually good now.

Despite a far bigger pool of active players, DMC5’s Devil May Cry platinum trophy fares even worse in terms of unlocks — 0.4% on PSN, and 3.3% on TT. This time, it’s not even Dante Must Die Mode that’s to blame, with all credit going to the cretin that is Hell and Hell Mode. To earn the Highway to Hell trophy, you have to clear each stage with one-hit deaths and with enemies set to DMC5’s equivalent of hard mode. Even we can’t hold our mighty wheat to that sort of expectation.

What’s that? Oh, you want to know something about the DMC Devil May Cry’s platinum? Yeah, something called Nephilim difficulty stops people from getting the Jackpot! trophy, I’m afraid I can’t help you with whatever that means. Congrats to our exceptional wheat for their achievements and to DMC for another smooth mil in the Capcom bank. Let us know your plausibly weeping demon-related trophy tidings in the comments below!
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