Marvel game from EA could involve Iron Man, Ironheart, and alcoholism

By Sean Lawson,

A rumour is circulating about a Marvel game being in the works over at EA. Information sent to TrueTrophies suggests the mysterious game will centre around two legendary comic book heroes, Iron Man and Ironheart.

The EA-made Marvel game may be focused on Iron Man with a dark tone. While the initial rumour suggests there is an Iron Man game, our additional information suggests Ironheart will be included in a story about Tony Stark's alcoholism.

Marvel AvengersEA could be making an Iron Man and Ironheart game

Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb fan the flames of EA working on a Marvel game

Over on Twitch, Jeff Grubb, the host of Game Mess Mornings discusses how EA is working on a Black Panther game. Alongside this Grubb also mentions Mass Effect, Apex Legends, and a mysterious single-player Marvel game that is separate to the Black Panther game mentioned previously.

Referencing EA, Grubb said: "They are also making a Black Panther game, we talked about it last week. They're making another Marvel game that's single-player, what else have they got? Mass Effect and the single-player Apex Legends stylised shooter that's focused on world-building and stuff. They have a lot over there when it comes to single-player stuff."

Marvel AvengersWould you like to see a darker-themed Marvel game?

Responding to what Grubb said over on Twitch, Tom Henderson piped up on Twitter. Confirming that he has also received information in regards to a Marvel game being in the works over at EA. However, Henderson further expands on this saying that he has heard that the Marvel game in question is actually based around Iron Man.

Henderson had this to say: "I've heard a few rumours that it's Iron Man but I never had anything concrete to fully report on. Put this heavily under the "rumour" category for now and if I hear/see more information that's concrete I'll report on it properly. Just thought it was worth mentioning."

New information regarding the Iron Man, Ironheart, and alcoholism storyline

It would seem that currently, no one has any concrete evidence to prove one way or another what this mysterious EA single-player Marvel game is actually about. We recently reported on the fact that Marvel is reportedly working on new game and IP with EA, after this story went live, we received an email with more information about this alleged game.

Marvel's AvengersDo you like the idea of a Marvel game where you play as Tony Stark?

While we can't confirm the legitimacy of this information, it felt appropriate to discuss it here as it aligns with both Grubb's and Henderson's leaks quite nicely. Please, take all of this information with many pinches of salt, as at present there is just no way to prove this information to be correct.

In an email sent to TrueTrophies a month ago, a leaker had this to say: "Saw your article, the IP is Iron Man with Ironheart being a prominent character. The story takes more from the comics and focuses on Tony Stark’s alcoholism, but the writer’s room is having trouble agreeing how to do that, which has created tensions and delays already."

Marvel's AvengersWould you like to get to know Ironheart better?

Something to note is that the leaker spelt Ironheart incorrectly, which is not a good sign for the credibility of this email. That said Ironheart is a relatively new hero to the Marvel universe, so people are still learning all about her. Ironheart was created in 2016 and her first appearance was in issue 7 of the comic series Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2. Riri Williams (Ironheart) is a 15-year-old engineering student, who steals supplies from her campus to make a suit similar to Iron Man. Eventually, Tony Stark hears of her accomplishments and endorses her decision to be a superhero.

They then signed the email off as "anonymous." We at TT did reach out to them in regards to their email but failed to receive any further communications from this supposed leaker, hence our initial suspicions. We were hoping they might be able to provide some form of evidence to back up their claims, but with them not being able to provide anything — or just flat out ignoring us — we decided it was best to leave it alone until corroborating information was revealed.

Operation Hawkeye - Future ImperfectHopefully we will get some more information soon!

We hope you are still clutching tightly to those pinches of salt we told you about. There is just no way to confirm any of this information, so the mysterious EA single-player Marvel game shall continue to be just that, a mystery. What do you guys make of all this? Like the idea of an Iron Man and Ironheart adventure? Let me know in the comments below!
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