Call of Duty MW2 multiplayer leaked by NFL player on Instagram

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The Call of Duty franchise has historically been associated with the famous thanks to expensive Activision advertising, but this time around an NFL player has leaked the MW2 multiplayer through Instagram.

The Call of Duty series is preparing for release with Modern Warfare II and is holding multiplayer sessions for celebrities and influencers. Activision may regret that after a screen of the MW2 multiplayer was leaked on Instagram by an NFL player.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II multiplayer leaked by NFL player's Instagram

call of duty mwiiCall of Duty Modern Warfare II's multiplayer details leaked in the oddest way

Flerrington managed to grab a screenshot of someone playing the latest Call of Duty at an MW2 multiplayer event. Famously, these are playtests held for big CoD players so they can report directly to the developer their likes and dislikes. In this instance, however, LA Rams kicker Cameron Dicker managed to leak the main menu for the multiplayer in an Instagram post. While he would later correct and remove the post, a few details have already been gathered from the rogue leaker.

The image depicted is just of the menus, but a few interesting details are included there. The first is that the game will be following the trend of Modern Warfare (2019) by remaking older maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009) for the modern era. Players have spotted Museum, Favella, and Highrise, which are fan favourite 3-lane maps from that original title. Interestingly, OmgFawzi also picked up on a screenshot that confirmed the leaked DMZ mode, which will reportedly play out like Escape from Tarkov or the less-successful Hazard Zone mode from Battlefield 2042. Gosh, there was so much potential there — it still hurts.

There is something hilarious about the newest CoD leaker on the block being an LA Rams player that literally gives no cares about NDAs, don't you think? If you are craving more CoD news check out either our insane player count loss story or piece on Sony's weak Call of Duty argument that Lee put together. Other than that, see you in the comments!
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