Retro PlayStation games that deserve to come to PS Plus Premium

By Sean Lawson,

PS Plus Premium is bringing attention to a plethora of fantastic retro PlayStation games from the PS1, PS2, and PSP While the list is sure to grow, we decided to make a list of PlayStation classics that deserve to join the ranks.

The recent PS Plus revamp grants you access to a large collection of games, with pretty much every genre imaginable at your fingertips. Depending on your tier, be it Premium, Extra, or Essential, you will have access to some form of PlayStation Plus games list that you can peruse.

Retro PS Plus Premium gamesRetro Classic PS Plus games that we need on the PS5

Those who are subscribed to the highest-paid tier (Premium) will also have access to the classics catalogue — these are games from the PS1, PS2, and PSP era. Right now the list of PS Classics is quite small, but Sony has promised to update the classics list regularly, meaning we should see some new and awesome games arrive on the list very soon. We at TrueTrophies decided to compile a list of classic games we would love to see join the PS Plus Premium games list.

Tomb Raider

We want the original Lara Croft back on our TV screens!We want the original Lara Croft back on our TV screens!

Entry written and selected by Staff Writer Sean
Lara Croft Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic franchises that still stands the testament of time today. Quite frankly this entire list could consist of every Tomb Raider game that launched on PS1, as well as the PS2 title of Angel of Darkness. Lucky for you the other two lovely TT staff writers stepped in to stop this from happening.

While Tomb Rider 2 and Tomb Raider 3 would be fantastic options to put on this list, it's the original Tomb Raider that is going to snatch the crown — just like Lara would. This PS1 classic was released back in 1996 and has raided the hearts of many PlayStation fans, nothing can quite beat that feeling of coming face to face with the T-Rex for the first time as you explore and solve the puzzles in the lush jungle level. Then towards the end of the game, you'll witness a giant flesh blob falling down from the ceiling and slowly butt dragging its way towards you. Whilst this all unfolds you will find yourself frantically unloading every piece of ammo you have found into it, while back flipping and diving around the small, claustrophobic platform you have to manoeuvre on.

It is moments like this that are packed with pure adrenaline and thrills that make this Tomb Raider shine so bright, Miss Croft deserves to join the PS Plus Premium list of games. Just like Xena, I want some trophies to accompany this game, it would add an extra flare and enjoyment to the game world.

Ratchet Deadlocked

Give us action-packed Ratchet gladiator mayhem, please!Give us action-packed Ratchet gladiator mayhem, please!

Entry written and selected by Staff Writer Lee
PS2 Greatest Hit Ratchet Deadlocked (or Ratchet Gladiator as it’s known in my neck of the woods) already received a (somewhat buggy) digital port to the PS3 back in 2013 with trophy support, but for reasons that escape this Ratchet and Clank fan’s understanding, we have yet to see the title make the jump to PS4 or PS Plus via cloud streaming. This is an utter crime because Deadlocked is probably the best in the entire series.

While Ratchet and Clank 3 will always be my personal ride or die, Deadlocked keeps R&C3’s same cynical humour while putting a more direct focus on the series’ well-honed circle-strafing weapon-swapping combat. The game relegates Clank (and his moveset) to the sidelines, something that did initially sting 13 year old me given Clank’s the real star of R&C, but the result is a game that feels tighter and leaner than even the technical wonder that is Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart.

Giving more players a chance to check out this slick final bow for the PS2 era of Ratchet and Clank seems like an absolute must for PS Plus Premium. Do check out our gargantuan Ratchet and Clank compendium for other such R&C thoughts and recommendations!

Xena Warrior Princess

We want chakram throwing on PS Plus Premium!We want chakram throwing on PS Plus Premium!

Entry written and selected by Staff Writer Sean
Xena Warrior Princess is a show that took the world by storm, paving the way for many more badass female characters to take centre stage! Just like another gun-slinging hero on our list. When it comes to games that are based on movies and TV shows, they tend to have a pretty bad track record. The likes of Charlie's Angels, Saw, Saw 2: Flesh and Blood (yes they made two of them), and throwing it in a landfill-bait is only true way to destroy it, E.T. all spring to mind.

Thankfully, this PS1 game is an absolute blast to play, making you feel like the agile, roundhouse kicking, sword swinging, back flipping icon that Xena is. You also get to throw her legendary weapon, the chakram, and can even control the trajectory of where it is going, allowing you to take down many a foe from far away. With over 20 levels, a great adventure, fun puzzles, and kickass locations to visit, Xena has a lot to offer fans of the show and even those who may have never seen or heard of this absolute queen before. We just hope if this comes to fruition that we get some trophies accompanying this little gem.

The Getaway

The Getaway is a crime thriller we want to see rival GTA again!The Getaway is a crime thriller we want to see rival GTA again!

Entry written and selected by Associate Editor Kes.
GTA once nearly had a rival that wasn’t wielding a dildo as a weapon while running around naked with a bear head on (thank you for that stirring image, Saints Row The Third ). It was called The Getaway, and was made by Team Soho (now Studio London), and wasn’t really like GTA, but that was the easiest comparison to make when it released for PS2 back in 2002. Inspired by the wonderful Guy Ritchie film Snatch amongst other British gangster films, London was the star of a very complicated game world with high-res textures that delayed release by two years. At its core, it's about the right and wrong sides of the law with its dual cop and robber protagonist. What would unfold was a story often deemed ‘pretentious’ by critics at the time, but with plenty of detail. The gunplay, driving, and animations were glorious for the time and were thoroughly praised.

Given that Sony has the license to the franchise, I really want this on PlayStation Plus Premium with a gorgeous trophy list, to boot. I played snippets of the game at friends' houses and was always blown away, but now I want to experience it with the stable frame rates, save states, and opportunity to mess with filters while playing it. Much like the later PS2 Syphon Filter games, this just feels like a hidden PS2 classic and I think many would be impressed with its level of detail even now. A worthwhile addition, I think, and a chance to see if it might have the potential for a third game…

Those are all of the TT staff writer's suggestions for what PS1, PS2, and PSP games deserve to come to PS Plus Premium. Do you agree with the picks? What games would you love to see join the service at some point? Would like to see trophy support for them as well? Sound off in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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