God of War and Uncharted to star in new PlayStation toy line

By Lee Brady,

Sony Interactive Entertainment and toy company Spin Master are teaming up to release a new wave of official PlayStation-themed toys and merch for brands like God of War, Uncharted, and Horizon.

When we think PlayStation, we’re almost certainly thinking about video games — maybe movies, at a stretch. For a new generation of fans and kids, the scope of what the PlayStation brand means to them might just get a little wider thanks to a new series of toys and merch themed around iconic PlayStation IP like God of War, Uncharted, and the Horizon series coming from Spin Master.

PlayStation and Spin Master team up to make The Last of Us toys for kids

playstation toysThis new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's art style is all over the place.

Spin Master, a company primarily known for its Paw Patrol and Hatchimals toys, announced in a press statement that it had secured a global licensing agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to produce PlayStation-themed products for the “action figure, collectible, playset, plush, roleplay, vehicles, RC, and games & puzzles” markets.

Amusingly, one of the PlayStation IPs set to receive the ‘plush’ and ‘playset’ treatment is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. The IP might struggle to translate to a child-friendly market, especially when people check out The Last of Us Part 1 later this year and witness a hair-raising amount of adult and child deaths in just the first five minutes alone.

What PlayStation Studios IP would you like to see get the full Spin Master treatment? Frankly, if Spin Master’s president Chris Beardall really wants to make good on his company’s “relentless pursuit of innovation,” we’re going to need a fully-automated Clank from Ratchet and Clank. Let us know your pitches for PlayStation toys in the comments below.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
Staff Writer Lee loves to write about classic PS1 games on PS Plus and examining the game design of upcoming PS5 games like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy XVI. He's a big proponent of video games as an evolving artistic medium, though his love of Sonic games somewhat undermines the purity of his intentions.
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