New single-player Aliens horror game looks reminiscent of Alien Isolation

By Sean Lawson,

A new single-player Aliens game is in the works from Survios Studio. Not much is known about the game yet, but it looks as though we may finally be getting another Alien game in the same vein as Alien Isolation that came to PS4.

Survios, the studio that has worked on games like The Walking Dead Onslaught and Creed Rise to Glory, is now creating a single-player Aliens game set between the first two movies. This exciting new project is in collaboration with 20th Century Games. This shockingly isn't the first Aliens game to be announced this year, as during Summer Games Fest Aliens Dark Descent was revealed to the world. The gameplay looks very reminiscent of past games in the franchise like Aliens Fireteam Elite and the critically panned Aliens Colonial Marines, so expectations aren't particularly high for Dark Descent.

20th Century Games could be bringing us the successor to Alien Isolation

The Trigger 1Alien Isolation was a masterclass in terror

The Survios website for the new Aliens game says that we will get to experience "an untold Aliens story." So we can expect a lot of new and exciting twists and turns to keep us shrieking throughout our time on whatever space station we may end up on. Just remember one thing: "In space, no one can hear you scream."

Survios further expands on the game's story saying: "This new Aliens game will feature an original storyline, set between the Alien and Aliens films, where a battle hardened veteran has a vendetta against the Xenomorphs. The game will take full advantage of Survios’ expertise in creating immersive and authentic gaming experiences, and is being developed for the PC, Console, and VR."

The website also states that the game will be created using the Unreal Engine 5 just like the new Tomb Raider and new Witcher games are. We can expect a bigger world to explore thanks to the easier development pipeline in UE5, as well as more complex Alien AI and character models. Oh, the joy.

Aliens: Fireteam EliteHow many times do you think you'll scream?

It sounds as though we may finally be getting a return to form for the Alien franchise, as this new Aliens game sounds very reminiscent of Alien: Isolation, a game that wowed fans and critics alike. The game was a sheer masterclass in horror; providing a constant sense of dread and despair wherever you went. Looking at the Alien: Isolation trophies, we can safely say we are proud of the 9.6% of TrueTrophies users who managed to snag this terrifying little platinum trophy, Alien: Isolation.

Though no specific consoles are mentioned on the website we can assume that the game will be coming to PS5 and maybe even PS4. With that, it is also highly likely this new Aliens game will be coming to PlayStation VR2, which has also had a lot of news circulating around it recently. With a company breaking an NDA and information that supports a detachable wire. There are lots of exciting possibilities ahead for this Aliens game and we can't wait to see what direction it goes in.

That is all the information at current, once any more news breaks we will update accordingly! How do you guys feel? Are you excited about another Alien game similar to Isolation? Sound off in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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