PlayStation Stars nets players free games for trophies and platinums

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation have announced a new, free-to-join loyalty program, PlayStation Stars, which will net eager players rewards like points and PlayStation Store credit for earning trophies and platinums.

Good news for all you trophy hunters out there — PlayStation have decided to introduce a new loyalty program to reward your dedication. PlayStation Stars, which will be free to sign up to when it launches later in the year, will reward completing feats while playing PS4 and PS5 games with loyalty points, which can be traded in for PlayStation Store credit, which in turn can be spent on games. In short: trophies can now earn you free games.

Could PlayStation Stars usher in the next PlayStation Home?

playstation-starsIt's a nice logo, but what about a little house around the PS logo instead?

The new program, which was announced over on the PlayStation Blog, details the many ways players can earn loyalty points, from simply playing a game you own, to winning a tournament, earning a specific trophy, or being the first in your local time zone to win a platinum trophy. This will come as music to the ears of our TrueTrophies community, who, loaded in the knowledge of easiest platinum trophies on PS Plus and the monthly PS Plus trophies, will be ready to cash in on their advanced knowledge.

The system seems to work much like Microsoft Rewards, right down to giving PlayStation Plus subscribers loyalty points for every purchase. To match Microsoft’s other, more cosmetic cash-in rewards (like new Avatar clothing), PlayStation Stars will also usher in “digital collectibles” for PlayStation users. These rewards will take the form of “figurines” and other PlayStation-themed cosmetics, which sounds like there might be a new digital space for showing this kind of stuff off in the works. Could this be the much-abated return of PlayStation Home?

We’ll have to wait to find out. In the meantime, you might want to keep this paid platinum trophies guide handy — who knows how much three dollars might get you in the era of PlayStation Stars? What do you think about the new program? Honestly, it’s about time PlayStation caught up with Nintendo and Microsoft on this front, so here’s hoping it pans out! Let us know how you’re feeling about PlayStation Stars in the comments below.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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