Fall Guys platinum finally unlocked on PS5 thanks to trophy fix

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Fall Guys was released onto PS5 as a free-to-play title recently with a fresh trophy list. However, it took a long time for the Fall Guys platinum for PS5 to be popped due to a combination of glitches and tricky requirements.

The Fall Guys trophies on PS5 have been cracked, just under a month after release as a free-to-play title. The game had suffered a few trophy list glitches.

fall guys with platinumFall Guys trophies finally have a platinum unlock!

After all of our digging, the gold Head Turner trophy has been unlocked by someone with the rest of the trophies on TT and by several more users on PSN, leaving the unlock rate at 0.1% on PSN. Gamer porscherox911 unlocked the platinum trophy first on TT. The glitch that prevented Head Turner from being unlocked was shadow patched by Mediatonic so it can now be unlocked by accessing the customisation menu and equipping the free Legendary Ezio costume that comes with the Season Pass for free.

News Editor Sean did the job in the office to confirm, resulting in what I assume were happy tears and sobs of joy as he finally saw his bean looking more swag than a courtesan in renaissance Florence. However, no word yet on other slightly broken trophies (see article below).

So, good news! Go and get that trophy now before it is patched or something to make lives harder, and we will see you on the course!

Original Story:
The Fall Guys trophies have been a tricky ride since the first PS4 version of the game launched on PlayStation Plus all that time ago. However, since the PS5 launch on June 21st, nobody has earned every trophy and unlocked the platinum on PSN. That begs the question — why has nobody unlocked all the Fall Guys PS5 trophies?

Fall Guys trophies on PS5 have a combination of issues

fall guys ps5TT statistics compared to PSN

Let's start out with what is happening with the platinum across all the three Fall Guys lists — there is a 0% unlock rate for the platinum (Ultimate Fall Guy) in the PS5 version of Fall Guys. However, in the PS4 version of the recently released new launcher — the same version as the PS5 — across both available territories the platinum has an aggregate of a 14.2% unlock rate on TT and a 0.3% unlock rate on the PSN. The pair share exact trophy lists.

In the original version of the game, released back in 2020 on PS4 (now discontinued), the Ultimate Fall Guy platinum had a 3.6% unlock rate for TT users and 0.1% amongst all PSN users. The list shares many trophies with the relaunched version — leaving the PS5 version the only uncompleted version.

However, these percentages all show that yes — the Fall Guys trophy list is possible unlike our last deep-dive with Gran Turismo 7 and the final unlock three months after release. This is even proven by another oddity — every single Fall Guys trophy on the PS5 list has a gamer that has unlocked it (excluding the Platinum). So, that begs the question of what is holding people up with the completion? Well, it comes down to two things: progression glitches and difficulty.

fall guys reduxFall Guys trophies on PS5 are causing trouble

The first issue is the fact that this is a difficult trophy list and that is preventing the most ardent trophy earners from earning trophies linearly as with a story-driven game. A trophy like Infallible for winning 5 rounds in a row is hard in a battle royale where other people have skill. In fact, when I unlocked it, I had to do it in a separate game mode when five wins would be easier. Then you have some others like the Veteran Status trophy, Track Star trophy, and Fall Guys Fashionista trophy that require time and effort. In the case of a track star, it requires skill and a bit of luck to get race rounds consistently. Add in the fact you need four pieces of legendary costumes for the Head Turner trophy and the Catwalk Model trophy which currently have less than 0.3% unlocks on TT and 0.1% on PSN — well, its no wonder no player has earned all of the trophies simultaneously.

The second factor here is trophy list glitches preventing unlocks, thus reducing players' access to certain trophies. It's hard to gauge the exact issue, but there has been a myriad of reports across numerous forums over the internet (we found the PSNProfiles one pretty fun). The One Small Trip trophy for example, hasn't been popping for players despite being an easy bronze trophy for progressing from a round. Some crossplay trophies that should carry over from the PS4 version to the PS5 version and auto-pop don't do so, resulting in missed trophy triggers. So, if your account has a registered round progression for One Small Trip, for example, but it doesn't pop when you transfer to PS5, then it might be because that trigger is already registered as having been activated and cannot reactivate leaving you unable to get the trophy.

fall guys reduxFall Guys trophies on PS5 are a real tumble

These issues should be fixed in future as customer service are allegedly aware, but until that day many of the most active trophy hunters will be locked out of the platinum. As for those without issues, the trophies are so tricky it doesn't lend itself to natural play — leaving the Fall Guys trophies without a platinum earner!

If you are interesting in reading more about Fall Guys, check out our other articles in the read more section below! We are particularly fond of Lee's masterpiece Fall Guys beans are abominations — a horror story in six parts — what a journey! Get in the comments, you cheeky beans. Let us know what you think and we will see you there!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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