PlayStation PC probably getting PS5 exclusive Returnal

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Returnal, the PS5 exclusive title from PlayStation Studio Housemarque, appears to be about to migrate to PC as Sony begins speeding up ports of PlayStation games. This would mark the first time a PS5-only title has made the move.

It might be one of he PlayStation Plus Extra games, but Returnal might also be the next game coming to PC after Spider-Man Miles Morales. This would suggest that PC ports are going to be coming much faster, with PlayStation Studios specialist team Nixxes likely involved in helping Housemarque and Insomniac Games get titles running.

Sony seems to be pushing Housemarque's PS5 game Returnal to PC

returnalReturnal is probably headting to PC after long PS5 exclusivity period

Last month, ResetEra spotted a SteamDB page for a listing called Oregon. Though codenamed, there are plenty of recognisable bits of information in the localisation tags like Atropos, Helios, and Tower of Sisyphus as well as the obvious genre tags for Bullet Hell, Roguelike, Sci-Fi, and third-person shooter.

Since this is literally a token scraped from Steam for a game, there is no doubt that Sony has got Nixxes or another port studio working on a version of Returnal for PC. Notably, and this is the reason we are writing about it, Returnal would become the first PS5 exclusive PS5 game to come to the PC. Currently, we know that the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection is on the way alongside the aforementioned Miles Morales, but bringing Returnal forth into the realm of PC would mark a real change in pace as it only launched just over a year ago.

returnalReturnal's co-op DLC was a madness

It would also highlight PlayStation Studios' acquisition of Nixxes and Valkyrie Entertainment as part of a major behind the scenes push for greater support for the more public-facing teams. By offering a good technical platform to build from, teams like Housemarque probably don't even have to think about PC compatibility — Nixxes just get the job done.

Have any of you guys delved into the Returnal trophies since the PlayStation Plus inclusion? Get in the comments to let us know!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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