13 easy PS Plus platinum trophies in awesome games (September 2023)

We've compiled a list of PS Plus' easiest platinum trophies that you can play over the course of September 2023. All games listed are for PS5 and PS4.

13 easy PS Plus platinum trophies in awesome games (September 2023)
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: We've added two more easy PS Plus platinum trophies for you to work towards through September 2023. Check them out below!
Are you looking for some of PS Plus' easiest platinum trophies to earn over the next weekend or two? Well, we at TrueTrophies can help guide your way as we take a look at some quick and easy platinums you can earn on PS Plus Extra and Premium. Make sure to check out our easiest PlayStation platinums and hardest PlayStation platinums guides for more trophy shenanigans.

11 easy platinum trophies to earn on PS5 and PS4 in September 2023


Tacoma difficulty rating icon 1-2 hours Extra
You'll be jumping into the role of Amy Ferrier, who has been tasked with exploring the abandoned space station called Tacoma. You'll be collecting various pieces of AI throughout the station, as well as uncovering just what happened to the six crew members that used to be onboard. The game takes around one to two hours to beat and is a fantastic narrative-driven title to dive into.

As for the Tacoma trophies, you are in for one easy time, as you'll be mopping these trophies up left, right, and center. Nothing is missable as you can backtrack after you beat the game a snatch anything up that you missed. There are also no difficulty trophies to worry about. Right now, the platinum trophy 'Perfectionist' has an overall completion rate of 30.60% on PSN — so yeah, very simple indeed.

DC League of Super-Pets The Adventures of Krypto and Ace

DC League of Super-Pets The Adventures of Krypto and Ace difficulty rating icon 2-3 hours Extra
A video game spin-off of the DC League of Super-Pets animated movie, players are in for a quick, simple, fun-filled family-friendly experience. The game will see you flying about the skies as Superman's trusty doggo as you use your laser eyes to obliterate any nasty enemies trying to do harm to the world. You can beat the game in around two to three hours.

The DC League of Super-Pets The Adventures of Krypto and Ace trophies are very easy. You'll be able to earn everything without having to worry about missables or choosing a specific difficulty, which makes it a great game to pick up and dive into. The platinum trophy 'Platinum Pup' has an overall completion rate of 8.60% on PSN.

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin difficulty rating icon 30-40 hours Extra
Sakuna of Rice and Ruin is a game that deserves far more recognition than it gets and it is a game that is deserving of a place on our underrated PS Plus games list. However, thanks to an enjoyable and simple platinum trophy, the game has managed to wiggle its way onto our list of PS Plus' easiest platinum trophies. Sakuna of Rice and Ruin mixes fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay with RPG and farming elements, making for a truly immersive and unique gaming experience.

As stated, the Sakuna of Rice and Ruin trophies are easy, though they may take a little bit of time to work through. You are looking at around 30 or so hours before you can hope to catch a glimpse of the platinum trophy 'Preeminent Goddess.' Right now, the platinum trophy has an overall completion rate of 6.40% edging it out of the "Ultra Rare" category and making it far less intimidating to work towards.

There are no difficulty-related trophies to worry about and there are no missable trophies either. That means you can play this game at your own leisure and clear things out as you wish. The main thing you'll be working towards are the various collectible trophies that ask you to gather all the different animals, tools, combat scrolls, and so on. This looks like an incredibly fun venture to partake in. So go on, get to it!

The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape difficulty rating icon 5 hours Extra
The Artful Escape is a short, simple, and engaging platinum trophy to earn one evening. That's right, you can earn this platinum so quickly that you don't even need an entire weekend to work on it. There is chapter select available so you needn't worry about missables and there are no difficulty-related trophies on offer. Honestly, it's the perfect game for a fun and easy platinum.

Taking a look at the platinum trophy 'All Done' which is nestled up within The Artful Escape trophies, we can see that currently, it has an overall completion rate of 29.10% on PSN — which is one of the highest completion rates on this entire list. This should give you quite the confidence boost that you can grab this platinum quickly and simply without having to stress or worry about missing anything that could hinder the platinums unlock.

'Amp Jammer' is the only trophy that could be a pain to clean up through chapter select, however, it's also not that big of an issue. All of the amps you need to jump on are usually directly in the path of the main story and are huge blue glowing circles that you can't really miss. You should have this platinum trophy in your collection in no time.


Carto difficulty rating icon 5-10 hours Extra
The Carto trophies are simple and fun to work through. There are no missable trophies to worry about thanks to chapter select and the entire game can be beaten in around five or so hours. You'll earn ten of the game's 20 trophies by simply making your way through the story. As of right now, the platinum trophy 'Master Cartographer' has an overall completion rate of 10.60%

The rest of the trophies are miscellaneous tasks that ask you to find certain locations or items in specific areas of each level. This is why nothing is missable, as you can just use chapter select to revisit any levels that you missed grabbing one of these trophies.

The only trophy that may impact your platinum success is the gold trophy 'Towering Intellect,' which asks you to finish the three levels of the Tower of Hanoi in the fewest steps. This trophy may require an extra bit of work to unlock, but we have no doubt that you will find a way to earn it and the platinum too.


Lake difficulty rating icon 5-10 hours Extra
The Lake trophies are short, sweet, and incredibly simple. There is a total of 12 trophies to snatch (including the platinum) and it will take you around 10 hours to unlock them all. It's worth noting that all trophies in the game are technically missable except one Though, it would be hard to make it through the game not unlocking at least one or two other trophies along the way. If you want to nab everything in one go, make sure to pull up a guide so you don't miss any of the more elusive trophies.

The platinum trophy 'Delivery Status Complete' currently sits with an overall completion rate of 7.60% on PSN. It seems the biggest blockade for many are the three trophies 'Life in the Fast Lane,' 'Hometowner,' and 'Free Spirit' which are connected to three different endings. Thankfully, you can make a manual save on September 13 (the last day before the game ends), which you can then reload to make different choices and see all the different endings. Do all of this and you'll have yourself a brand new platinum in your collection. Nice.

Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer difficulty rating icon 10-15 hours Extra
The Paradise Killer trophies are all about exploring and getting lost in the world and stories taking place around you. You will have a lot of collectibles to pick up, locales to discover, and bonds to build, yet, doing all of that should net you a new shiny platinum trophy. The game shouldn't take any longer than 15 hours to platinum, if you are taking your time and enjoying the experience it may take a little longer.

The platinum trophy 'Investigation Freak' has an overall completion rate of 4.80% on PSN, which isn't too shabby. As we mentioned before, the bulk of the trophy list is centered around collecting and exploring. So, play the game, explore, and have fun. If you want to you can keep a guide to hand to help with finding any particularly tricky collectibles, we wouldn't judge you. 'Accelerated Justice' asks you to beat the game in ten minutes, which is possibly the only tricky trophy to grab, if you leave this till last it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow (Premium members only)

Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow difficulty rating icon 10-15 hours Premium
The Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow trophies are easy, like, really easy. The entire trophy list is comprised of trophies that are earned from completing each level of the game. There are no difficulty-related trophies, miscellaneous tasks, or collectibles here that will impede your progress to earning the platinum trophy ‘Fantastic Job, Gabe and Co.’

Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow was added with the batch of PS Plus Extra and Premium new games of May 2023 and joins the rest of the Syphon Filter games on Premium — along with their easy platinums. So, make sure to check out the entire Syphon Filter series on PS Plus for a bevy of quick and simple platinum trophies. The only downfall here is that the game is only available to those of you who have a PS Plus Premium subscription.

The Gardens BetweenThe Gardens Between is a fantastic puzzle game on PS Plus

The Gardens Between

The Garden’s Between difficulty rating icon 2-5 hours Extra
The Gardens Between trophies offer up a visually stunning and inventive puzzler for you to work through. While the game itself is a solid, albeit, short experience, the platinum trophy ‘Platinum Garden’ is a lot of fun and incredibly easy to earn within just a few hours.

The game doesn’t feature any difficulty-based trophies and there are no missable trophies thanks to chapter select. There are miscellaneous trophies bundled up within The Gardens Between trophy list; however, these will most likely be earned naturally and can be quickly snatched up post-game if you do end up missing them on your initial playthrough. So, go on, what are you waiting for? This fabulous puzzle game is waiting to give you a brand-new platinum trophy.

Bee SimulatorBee Simulator is a surprisingly competent and simple game!

Bee Simulator

Bee Simulator difficulty rating icon 10-15 hours Extra
The Bee Simulator trophies are pretty simple; however, there are two potentially missable trophies you will want to make note of ('It's A Zoo Out There' and 'Great Hunger'), as long as you make sure to grab them you are golden. The entire trophy list should be doable in around 15 hours, most likely less.

The platinum 'Real Achiever' currently sits with a 1.10% completion rate, which is probably due to those cheeky missable trophies. We assure you that the game and earning the actual platinum won't provide you with any real headaches. The Bee Simulator trophy list is comprised of story-related trophies, miscellaneous tasks, various challenges, and a few collectable ones. All in all, it's your pretty standard fair for a game that is surprisingly fun to play! So go on then, buzz on into it.

bugsnax bigsnaxBugsnax is a fun and easy platinum worth your time


Bugsnax difficulty rating icon 10-15 hours Extra
A fair few of you may have already snatched up the Bugsnax trophies, the game was given away on PS Plus to PS5 players when the console first launched. However, PS4 players were unable to claim this freebie and a lot of you may not have managed to secure a PS5 in time to claim Bugsnax either. Thankfully, the game is now available on PS Plus Extra and is well worth taking a glance at if you are yet to do so.

The Bugsnax trophy list is incredibly easy to work through, with the platinum 'Bugsnax Master' currently sitting at a completion rate of 10.60% on PSN. There is one missable trophy called 'Survivor' that asks you to keep all Grumpses alive in the final level, failing to do so will mean you need to play the entire end sequence again. Aside from this little nuisance, the rest of the list can be earned at your own leisure and shouldn't take any longer than 15 hours to work through.

Ape Academy 2 TrophiesApe Academy 2 trophies are a delight!

Ape Academy 2 (Premium members only)

Ape Academy 2 difficulty rating icon 5-10 hours Premium
The Ape Academy 2 trophies are as simple as they come, with the platinum trophy 'Monkey Card Master' sitting with a completion rate of 3.0% on PSN as of right now. The trophy list should take around five to ten hours to complete and could easily be accomplished over the weekend.

When Ape Academy 2 was first announced in the latest PS Plus Extra and Premium games for March 2023, it left Staff Writer Lee scratching his head as the title was revealed as Ape Escape 2 — a game that doesn't exist. Thankfully the PS Plus Premium Ape Academy 2 title does exist and the error was quickly rectified by Sony.

Disaster Report 4: Summer MemoriesDisaster Report 4: Summer Memories is a rough gem well worth your time!

Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories

Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories difficulty rating icon 10 - 20 hours Extra
We aren't going to lie to you here: Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories is a bit of a buggy mess with sub-par graphics and clunky controls. However, this game has a lot of heart and it's hard to not see that. Little by little you'll find yourself warming to this wacky outing and wind up loving every single aspect of it — in a 'it's so bad its amazing' kind of way. The game's tone and characters are somehow charming, fun, and silly, even as they try to survive an earthquake in a Japanese-inspired city.

The Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories trophies are pretty simple to earn — just keep an eye out for some missable trophies along the way. The platinum trophy 'Memories of Summer' sits with a completion rate of 3.0% over on PSN. Plus, a bonus tip for you: you can download a plethora of costumes for free via the PS Store, which you can use to unlock the gold 'Costume Collector trophy'. Couldn't be easier.

That brings us to the end of this month's picks for easiest platinums on PS Plus Extra and Premium. This guide will be updated monthly, so feel free to check back in regularly to see what new platinums you could strive to earn. What do you guys think of the list? Any of these platinums you will be aiming for? Or do you already have them all? Make sure to check out some of the best PS Plus games for more gaming goodness. Sound off in the comments below!
Written by Sean Lawson
Sean is a Staff Writer with a focus on the geekiest Sony news. He writes stories about unobtainable PlayStation trophies, the best PS Plus games, as well as RPGs and Fighting games. He is also excited for Tekken 8, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, Baldur's Gate 3, and Dragon's Dogma 2 to launch on PS5. Sean’s favourite games include Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Tekken, and Persona.
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