Rockstar focus on GTA 6, scraps Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 remasters

By Lee Brady,

Rockstar is reportedly doubling down on developing Grand Theft Auto 6, rather than continue pursuing further remasters for Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 4.

While the upcoming confirmed GTA 6 is purportedly “well underway,” it appears Rockstar Games originally intended to split the development efforts of its various studios between the new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, and remasters for older hits like Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4. Now we’ve learned that these plans have been scrapped in favour of further work on the follow-up to GTA 5.

GTA Trilogy's poor reception kills Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 remasters

red dead redemption remasterLooking forward to seeing John in stunning 8K glory on the PS6.

The update comes via Kotaku, whose inside sources claim Rockstar have pulled away from developing more remasters following the poor reception of the Grand Theft Auto Definitive Trilogy. The three updated games — which, perceived quality aside, did bestow on our community the gift of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas trophies — received significant backlash for inconsistent and often distracting changes to the original games’ presentation and gameplay. Rockstars’ delisting of the original three games digitally didn’t help things either.

With fans being used to Rockstar releasing games at a Red Dead Redemption 2 standard of quality — i.e. a standard that nets a game lofty titles like the ‘third biggest entertainment launch in history’ — seeing the company rallying to create a new blockbuster experience, rather than rushing out another slew of insubstantial remasters, should come as good news to fans.

While it’s a shame we won’t be able to play an upgraded Red Dead Redemption anytime soon, at least PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can get their RDR fix on PS4 and PS5 with access to both games. If waiting for a full-scale remake on par with the quality of RDR2 — a game that made our best PS4 games list and is not likely to ever come off it — is ever a possibility, it will be one worth waiting for.

What do you think about this news? Do you feel Rockstar are depriving you of the chance to launch your car from a swing-set in stunning 4K by not developing this GTA 4 remaster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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