The Quest for Excalibur - Puy du Fou PlayStation trophies now live

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the The Quest for Excalibur - Puy du Fou trophy list.

There are 26 trophies, none of which are hidden.

The Quest for Excalibur - Puy du Fou

Name Description
King of the park Unlock all the other trophies icon
Marathon Training Run 3 km in the park icon
Hail Caesar! Complete all the “Signe du Triomphe” trials icon
What’s a Viking again? Complete all the Viking trials icon
Protector of the Kingdom of France Complete all the “Secret de la Lance” trials icon
Limited edition world tour Bring back all of La Pérouse’s notebooks icon
A well-kept treasure! Restore Clovis' Treasure icon
A most cunning mind Complete all of La Fontaine's challenges icon
So this shrapnel is magic? Collect all the Excalibur Shards icon
The Round Table is mine! Free Arthur from his prison icon
I did listen though, boss! Complete the “Drakkars Race" trial, in hard mode, without making a mistake once icon
Full-time lumberjack Complete the “Axe Throwing” trial while getting all the axes on the target icon
Valhalla will have to wait! Complete the “Vikings Battle” trial in less than 180 seconds icon
Archer of Sherwood Complete the “Archery” trial without wasting any arrows icon
Horsey bore Complete the “High-Speed Chase” trial in less than 40 seconds icon
Descendant of Ben-Hur Complete the “Chariots Race” trial while finishing first at the end of each lap icon
A champion, you say? Defeat the Stadium champion while losing no more than 20% of your health in “Gladiators Fight” icon
Herculean strength Win the “Javelin Throwing” trial with an average throw greater than 140m on Hard icon
Working like a galley slave! Win the “Imperial Naumachia” trial without the galley’s life bar dropping under half icon
An enchanting melody Complete the “Musical Challenge” trial without missing a single note (on hard mode) icon
It’s all in the mind Complete the “Equestrian Vaulting” trial, in hard mode, without missing any double inputs icon
A Puy du Fou champion Complete the “Knight Training” trial without missing a single sequence icon
Unparalleled aim Complete the “Jousting” trial by hitting all the targets icon
Right in the face Complete the “Defending the Ramparts" trial after having knocked out at least 3 ladder carriers icon
Tendonitis for the win Complete the “Crossbow Shooting” trial in less than 60 seconds in hard mode icon
Return of the king Win the “Saving Arthur” trial by knocking out Morgana in less than 90 seconds icon
The Quest for Excalibur - Puy du Fou is developed by Balio Studio and published by Microids, and is scheduled to be released on July 12th, 2022.
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Written by Rich Stone
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