Top 5 PS1 Classics on PS Plus Premium

By Lee Brady and Sean Lawson,

PS Plus Premium's classic catalogue might offer a limited selection of PS1 games, but there are still plenty of bangers on there.

PS Plus Premium features a growing catalogue of PS1, PS2, and PSP PS Plus games with trophy support, and while not every classic PS1 game has trophies, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time with some retro hits. If you don't know where to start, check out our compiled list of the five best PS1 classic games on PS Plus Premium right now below.

The top 5 PS1 Classics on PS Plus Premium
PS1The Top 5 PS1 classics on PS Plus Premium.

The Legend of Dragoon

Even the merest hint of future The Legend of Dragoon trophies back in August 2022 had us hungry for this game on PS Plus Premium, and we were thrilled to see it eventually come true back in February 2023. One of the best PlayStation RPGs of all time, the miraculous thing about The Legend of Dragoon is just how fresh it continues to feel nearly 25 years removed from its original release.

Japan Studio took an ambitious shot at the Final Fantasy crown, and in many ways succeeded in refreshing the RPG formula with its more active, timing-based battle system and its darker, twistier, genuinely weirder storytelling techniques. The result feels off-brand in the very best way, even with its considerably aged graphics. Thankfully, the abstract backgrounds and striking character design still allow the full effect of this classic to register easily with players today.

PS1Ridge Racer 4 tragically lacks a platinum.

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

Unfortunately, there is no Ridge Racer Type 4 PS Plus trophy support — a genuinely cruel omission from Bandai Namco that needs rectifying as soon as possible. Occasionally, we're not too phased if a classic PS1 game fails to get trophy support — looking at you, Star Wars Demolition — but R4 is absolutely not one of those games.

Ridge Racer Type 4 is still today a stylistic high point for arcade racing games as a genre, and remains unabashedly one of the best racing games on PS5 even after all these years. The brilliance here was always Namco's approach to simplicity — the only thing preventing your from immediately dominating R4's technical and tricky courses is a little practice at nailing the game's hands-off drifting. It's still a must-play for all racing enthusiasts.

PS1 PS PlusProto-PS1 mascot, Robbit.

Jumping Flash!

With the arrival of Jumping Flash trophies, there is now simply no reason why you shouldn't play this absolute prescient platforming classic. Preceding Super Mario 64 by a year, Jumping Flash experimentally sandwiches together first-person shooting mechanics and first-person platforming to offer an unforgettable experience that also happens to be one of the easiest platinum trophies of PS Plus around.

Tekken 2Tekken 2 is a staple in the legendary fighting franchise

Tekken 2

Tekken 2 really catapulted this fighting game franchise in the right direction. Although Tekken was a fantastic showcase for what the series could become, Tekken 2 helped refine the core gameplay mechanics and introduce some iconic characters into the franchise. Obviously, Tekken 3 would go on to further refine the series and introduce some of the most legendary fighters to date, but, sadly, Tekken 3 is not available on PS Plus Premium — yet.

Namco Bandai's Tekken 2 introduced players to Jun, one of the most beloved and pivotal characters in the series, even if she only truly appeared as herself in this instalment of the series. Tekken 2 gives us our first introduction to Devil Kazuya’s counterpart, Angel, and we get to witness Heihachi throwing Kazuya’s body into an active volcano, one of the most iconic moments in the Tekken franchise. It's a moment so iconic we're still mulling it over on the best PlayStation fighting games list.

Ape Escape TrophiesHistory will never be the same again.

Ape Escape

If you manage to overcome the not-insignificant hurdle of how bizarre its "innovative" control scheme feels, one thing you might notice while collecting Ape Escape trophies is just how fresh the game feels as a platformer even today. As you navigate platforming challenges with your array of gadgets and employ strategy before chasing each monkey, you'll find the game has more in common with modern games like Super Mario Odyssey than it does contemporaries like Super Mario 64.

Breaking down all of the Ape Escape PS1 trophies, we're also thrilled to say that this one lets you experience everything the game has to offer without forcing you to go all in and find every single monkey across two playthroughs. It's the perfect PS Plus addition to showcase just how weird and interesting classic PS1 games were, and we heartily recommend checking it out.

What do you guys think of the list? Any glaringly obvious PS1 games we missed off the list? Check out our wider best PS Plus games list for more suggestions and sound off in the comments below with your favourites!
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Written by Lee Brady
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