PS VR2 eye tracking could make Horizon Call of the Mountain terrifying

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation VR2 will be utilising cutting-edge eye-tracking tech from Tobii, a Swedish company whose tech would be a perfect match for upcoming games like Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The last number of months have been rather busy in terms of PS VR2 news: we heard rumours (seemingly true) of a PS VR2 delay to 2023, we received a PlayStation State of Play showcase that primarily focused on games coming to the virtual reality headset, and it was reported that Sony had still to decide who would supply the PS VR2 with eye tracking tech.

Sony partner with Tobii for virtual hand-eye coordination tech

Now it has finally been confirmed that Tobii, a pioneering company in the eye tracking tech space, will be partnering with Sony to supply PS VR2 with the hotly-anticipated feature. Tobii are already a fairly recognisable name in PC gaming, with their eye tracking camera compatible with big AAA games like Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and F1 22 (which we reviewed just this week).

We don’t know yet whether developers have had the eye tracking tech to play with while designing the host of PS VR2 launch games coming our way, and the recent PS VR2 leak did little to illuminate us on what specific components have been included in the headset’s developer kits. Can you imagine how terrifying that Thunderjaw scene from the recent Horizon Call of the Mountain trailer is going to be when you can more accurately perceive the scale of the beast?

horizon call of the mountain ps vr2Truly did not need these things to get any more threatening.

The big selling point of eye tracking is that not only being able to move the camera more naturalistically to your viewpoint, but also getting a sense of depth perception thanks to more precise hand-eye coordination. This means being able to judge the distance of thrown objects, as well as easier aiming and tracking for shooters — tools you might need in order to stand a chance in a fight with one of Horizon’s Snapmaws, for example.

What are your thoughts on this latest tech announcement? Pumped about the future of virtual reality on PS5? All the more excited to be stepped on by Dimitrescu in PS VR2? Let us know in the comments below!
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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