PS Plus EU and Asia getting superior PS1 Classic emulation after all

By Lee Brady,

PS Plus is launching in EU territories, completing the upgraded subscription service’s worldwide rollout, and PlayStation Europe have announced some good news regarding PS1 Classics.

When PS1 Classics came to the Asian PS Plus region, many of the games were delivered in their inferior PAL variation, which were slowed down by 16.7% to match the old PAL region television refresh rate of 50Hz. This was frustrating not only because modern TVs no longer have this issue, but when it came to PS Plus US emulation the superior NTSC versions were being made available.

PlayStation Europe announce ‘majority’ of classic games to get NTSC version

ps plus eu asia emulationPS Plus is improving on the poor standard of the PlayStation Classic, it seems.

Thankfully, accompanying the launch of PS Plus in the EU, PlayStation Europe has taken to Twitter to announce that the NTSC versions of PS1 Classic games will be coming to the subscription service after all. Not only will the EU territories be receiving superior ports of the games, but previously underserved Asian subscribers will also gain access to the improved ports.

PlayStation Europe did note that the “majority” of classic games would receive NTSC versions, so it’s possible Asia and EU will still be stuck with PAL versions for a certain number of games. It has yet to be revealed which games won’t be receiving NTSC versions, but PS Plus subscribers across the globe will likely be happy having access to a gaming library even remotely comparable to PS Plus US.

There are still some issues with the PS Plus rollout, with classic games like Syphon Filter and Tekken 2 not being made available on the store for PlayStation users who already own a copy of either game, but it’s good to see Sony paying attention to feedback and improve their emulation track record.

What do you think about this news? If you live in a PAL territory, are you surprised to see NTSC versions coming your way? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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