Sony reveals new “perfect for PS5” Inzone headsets and monitors

By Lee Brady,

Sony showcased a new range of headphones and monitors that were described as “perfect for PS5” and are set to come fully-loaded with “gaming assist features,” according to reports.

Update 2:
As anticipated, Sony revealed the company’s new ‘INZONE’ range of gaming hardware. As previously reported, the new hardware consisted of two gaming monitors, the ‘M3’ and the ‘M9’, as well as three new headsets, the ‘H3,’ ‘H7,’ and ‘H9;’ all five of which match our previous descriptions and are now available for pre-order.
Over on the Inzone section of Sony’s website, we can now also confirm that all devices but the more affordable H3 wired headset are targeting PS5 consumers in their marketing with a range of features that are “perfect for PlayStation.” Both monitors will sport ‘auto HDR tone mapping’ and ‘auto genre picture mode,’ while the M9 will also feature VRR support, all of which the PS5 will register and utilise automatically.

The H7 and H9 headsets also feature PS5 functionality, with the ability to adjust control centre settings from the headset (rather than having to trawl through the control centre menus), as well as audio balance buttons that allows players to prioritise either game or chat audio directly from the headset.

What do you think about the new products? Are the PlayStation features enough to have you consider going to Sony for your gaming hardware needs? Let down by the lack of 'pro controller' at the event? Let us know in the comments below.

Update 1:
We now have confirmation that Sony will indeed be hosting a hardware showcase on the 28th June, and the branding suggests it will predominantly feature the company's new Inzone branding. To keep up with the story, make sure to follow our news on the Sony Inzone event.

Original Story:
These new rumours come as an update to previous speculation involving a soon-to-be-unveiled PlayStation pro controller. Once again, the news was reported by the usually reliable Tom Henderson, this time writing for Exputer. We’ve still to hear an update on the PlayStation pro controller, but now we have an idea of what other hardware we can expect at Sony’s upcoming showcase.

PS5 VRR update just in time for Sony's new monitors

As first reported by 91 Mobiles, Sony is soon to unveil three new headsets under the “INZONE” branding, a seemingly new label from the Japanese company that might cater hardware to the PlayStation market. The headsets — the Inzone H3, H7, and H9 — each vary in price point, but all come loaded with 360 spatial sound capabilities that would be ideal for taking advantage of the PS5’s 3D audio features.

The two monitors are also set to feature the Inzone label, and will arrive with “exclusive features for PlayStation,” including auto HDR tone mapping, which will presumably change the colour and lighting range to better display the output of your game (though, of course, the game has to be on the same page). It will also feature auto genre picture mode, which we imagine reads the genre of game from your PS5 and either dynamically changes the picture depending on the scene, or just selects a preset picture mode on your behalf.

playstation headphones monitorsThis is the older PULSE 3D headset.

More detailed features coming to the monitors include VRR support and low latency, as well as “gaming assist features” like an FPS display, game time, a viewfinder, and a black equalizer for improved brightness in dark locations. The difference between the monitors will be in size and output, with one capable of delivering 4K gaming at 144Hz, and the other supporting full HD gaming at 240Hz.

What do you think of the new hardware? Still holding out hope for the weird PlayStation mobile controller instead? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.
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