Fall Guys PS5, PS4 season one battle pass features Ezio, Among Us

By Lee Brady,

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout season one has landed on PS4 and PS5, bringing Ezio of Assassin’s Creed 2 fame and Mechagodzilla to the newly free-to-play game.

The Fall Guys major relaunch kicks off today with a new set of trophies to collect and a whole new battle pass (or 'season pass'), as developer Mediatonic follows the example set by other free to play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. We were already clued in on the new events coming this week, but now we’ve got a list of all the new costumes and crossovers coming to the game as well.

Fall Guys PS5, PS4 season one battle pass — handy content guide

We have updated this list to reflect changes to the rewards for tiers 36 and 72, which now require the season pass.
Name Type Tier Unlocked Pass Type
Ezio Costume (Upper) 1 Premium
Ezio Costume (Lower) 1 Premium
Punk Band Costume (Lower) 2 Free
Enter the Animus Nameplace 3 Premium
Down the Middle Pattern 4 Free
Reddy to Go Colour 5 Free
Tiger Stance Emote 6 Premium
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 7 Free
House of Auditore Nickname 8 Free
Leap of Faith Celebration 9 Premium
Kudos (200) Currency 10 Free
Arctic Flip Flops Costume (Lower) 11 Free
Dragon Dance Head Costume (Lower) 12 Premium
Dragon Dance Body Costume (Upper) 13 Premium
Pink Chill Faceplate 14 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 15 Premium
Dragon Dance Tail Costume (Upper) 16 Premium
Kudos (200) Currency 17 Free
Dragon Dance Head Costume (Upper) 18 Premium
Happy Place Nameplace 19 Free
Shape Up Pattern 20 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Faceplate 21 Premium
Safety Helmet Costume (Upper) 22 Free
Three Pointer Emote 23 Premium
Benchwarmer Nickname 24 Free
Chiselled Bust Costume (Lower) 25 Premium
Chiselled Bust Costume (Upper) 26 Premium
Pumpkin Spice Colour 27 Free
Kudos (200) Currency 28 Free
Pumpkin Spice Faceplate 29 Premium
Swivel Star Nickname 30 Free
Jungle Frog Pouch Costume (Lower) 31 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 32 Premium
Foam Finger Nameplate 33 Free
Bein Cheesy Costume (Lower) 34 Premium
Kudos (300) Currency 35 Free
Bein Cheesy Costume (Upper) 36 Premium
Melon Slices Pattern 37 Free
Crowd Pleaser Emote 38 Premium
Top Three Guarantee Nickname 39 Free
Creepy Peepers Faceplate 40 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 41 Premium
Breaker Gang Nameplate 42 Free
Spring Daises Costume (Lower) 43 Premium
Pegwin Gang Pattern 44 Free
Spring Daises Costume (Upper) 45 Premium
Fire Forged Colour 46 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 47 Premium
Kudos (300) Currency 48 Free
Winter Pegwin Bow Costume (Upper) 49 Premium
Tummy Time Pattern 50 Premium
Pixel Shades Costume (Upper) 51 Free
I'm With Winner Celebration 52 Premium
Speed Boost Pattern 53 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 54 Premium
Speed Champ Nickname 55 Free
Peter Pointer Costume (Lower) 56 Premium
Kudos (300) Currency 57 Free
Peter Pointer Costume (Upper) 58 Premium
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 59 Free
Clap Clap Woo Emote 60 Premium
Blue Me Away Colour 61 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 62 Premium
Day at the Races Nameplate 63 Free
Peg-Wig Cake Costume (Upper) 64 Premium
Sprinkle Top Pattern 65 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 66 Premium
Lilly Leaper Slippers Costume (Lower) 67 Free
Golden Grey Colour 68 Premium
Sumo Inflatable Costume (Lower) 69 Premium
Kudos (300) Currency 70 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 71 Premium
Sumo Inflatable Costume (Upper) 72 Premium
Happy Jammer Nameplate 73 Free
Shake & Swirl Pattern 74 Premium
Pink Afloat Colour 75 Free
Kudos (400) Currency 76 Free
Rhino Rodeo Celebration 77 Premium
Not the Fastest Nickname 78 Free
Swash Sash Costume (Lower) 79 Premium
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 80 Premium
Avocado Pattern 81 Free
Prized Pin Nameplate 82 Free
Patty Pack Costume (Upper) 83 Premium
Beetroot Blush Faceplate 84 Free
Daisies Pattern 85 Free
Burning Sensei Costume (Lower) 86 Premium
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 87 Premium
Kudos (400) Currency 88 Free
Burning Sensei Costume (Upper) 89 Premium
Criss-Cross Pattern 90 Free
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 91 Premium
Golden Grey Faceplate 92 Premium
Sprinkles Donut Bag Costume (Upper) 93 Free
Wide Eyed Pattern 94 Free
Epic Sax Bean Emote 95 Premium
Mechagodzilla Costume (Lower) 96 Premium
Technical Terror Nickname 97 Free
Humanity's Greatest Weapon Nameplate 98 Premium
Mechagodzilla Costume (Upper) 99 Premium
Show-Bucks (100) Currency 100 Free
It looks like we've also got a surprise second crossover with Among Us making the list, with the 'Bein Cheesy' costume set joining the original costumes from Season 4. Xbox fans will be getting a Master Chief crossover later in the month as well, which means there's still a chance we'll see even more costumes coming this season via the in-game shop or challenges.

fall guys season one battle pass"I am only a conduit, for a crossover that eludes my understanding."

What do you think? Excited about the new costumes? Tempted enough by those Ezio and Mechagodzilla skins to go in on the season pass? Let us know in the comments below!
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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