PS Plus Premium: How hard are the PS1 Classic trophy lists?

PS Plus Premium's library of PS1 Classics has grown and added a plethora of new trophy lists. Let's take a look at how hard all these new platinums are to obtain.

PS Plus Premium's library of PS1 Classics is slowly but surely growing and with each monthly PS Plus update usually comes one or two new trophy lists. We are looking at how hard or easy each of the PS1 Classic trophy lists are. Make sure to check out our unobtainable PS Plus trophies guide to avoid games that may be broken.

PS1 Classics trophy listsWill you be earning any of these PS Plus platinums?

The Legend of DragoonThe Legend of Dragoon trophies are simply a blast

The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon difficulty rating 50-60 hours icon
The actual The Legend of Dragoon trophies have emerged and we have been greeted by an exceptionally easy platinum trophy. Something that has become a common theme with the PS1 Classics are simplistic trophy lists, though this has more colour than most.

The Legend of Dragoon is a prime example of this, as with its 47 trophies a majority of them will be earned from naturally making your way through the game and completing everything it has to offer. There are a few trophies that ask you to perform feats outside of the story; however, they are pretty easy and should be obtained without you even realising it for the most part. No trophies appear to be missable, which further adds to the simplicity on offer. The game is stellar, though, and who can turn down an absolute classic JRPG title that we get to relieve with trophies?

Syphon FilterSyphon Filter loves a bit of sneaky-deaky

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter difficulty rating 10-15 hours icon
Kes: The Syphon Filter trophies are the ones that we thought would be a struggle, but are surprisingly straightforward. The Bend Studio game is currently estimated to take around 10-15 hours. Run, Logan, Run!, Aaaannd… Gotcha!, Heartless, and Hold Your Nose are all mission-specific trophies which would be missable if not for chapter select (Right + L1 + R1 + Select Function + Square + X). These ask you to do specific in-game actions during missions, but are not difficult at all.

Then you have What Does This One Do which asks you to kill with each of the bullet-firing weapons — again, not a problem given that you can use a cheat code to access any weapon you so need (Right + L2 + R2 + Square + Circle + X). After that, it's just smashing in windows that you see for another miscellaneous trophy, and getting a few kills with your silenced pistol. Nothing to trouble you in your ten hours, we assure you!

Syphon Filter 2Syphon Filter 2 is one of the easiest paltinums on PS Plus

Syphon Filter 2

Syphon Filter 2 difficulty rating 5-10 hours icon
After the exceptionally simple trophies of the original Syphon Filter, you'd expect its sequel to also provide a smooth and breezy time to the platinum trophy — and oh boy does it. The Syphon Filter 2 trophies are even easier than that of its predecessor, with the entirety of the trophy list requiring that you simply beat the main story, for which you will earn all 22 available trophies. There really isn't much more to say than that. Beat the game and get a platinum trophy. Now that's what we call efficient.

Syphon Filter 3 TrophiesSyphon Filter 3 trophies are just as easy as its predecessor

Syphon Filter 3

Syphon Filter 3 difficulty rating 5-10 hours icon
Just like Syphon Filter 2, the Syphon Filter 3 trophies require that you simply beat the entire main story where you will earn 19 of the 21 trophies on offer. The other trophy that you need to earn involves eliminating an enemy with a knife, something that will be pretty unavoidable as you progress through the game. Once more, you have an incredibly easy platinum trophy on your hands.

Ape Escape TrophiesApe Escape is back and better than ever (in NTSC versions)

Ape Escape

Ape Escape difficulty rating 10 hours icon
Kes: No struggle in the Ape Escape trophies, either. You are looking at around 10 hours again, but we suspect you could do it sooner if you have good muscle memory. No missables make this a breeze, with only the Money Bags trophy for grabbing 40 of the 60 Spectre Coins offering any kind of non-main path challenge. Even the Pro Catcher trophy for capturing 100 monkeys won't take long — there are 204 in total. Another easy bronze-rated list for Ape Escape!

Carousel Image Hot Shots GolfHot Shots Golf is all par, no missed swings, a hole in one...

Hot Shots Golf

Hot Shots Golf difficulty rating 5-10 hours icon
Kes: Honestly, the Hot Shots Golf trophies don't look that much harder than either Syphon Filter or Ape Escape so far, they may just test your skills that tad bit more than Ape Escape or Intelligent Qube. The game has no missable trophies and will probably take you upwards of eight hours, though it would be longer if the rewind function didn't exist so you could undo a bad shot. The majority of this trophy list is a "beat X player" situation for all eight characters and in so doing, unlock all the courses.

The 'tricky' ones are the I thought albatross were only in the ocean? trophy and the Holy smokes! trophy. For the first — getting a Par 5 in two strokes — there are plenty of guides that point towards using Hole 7 of Fujiyama Country Club in training mode to adjust conditions to your liking. Again, rewind is king here. Getting a hole-in-one on a regular course will probably take you to Hole 13 on Fujiyama Country Club variation 3. Use that rewind!

Hot Shots Golf 2 TrophiesHot Shots Golf 2 trophies won't make you sweat

Hot Shots Golf 2

Hot Shots Golf 2 difficulty rating 5-10 hours icon
Just like the Hot Shots Golf trophies, the Hot Shots Golf 2 trophies won't be causing you to freak out and snap your golf clubs. You should be in for a fun and relaxed time as you play a spot of golf, unlock an eccentric set of characters, and earn a platinum as you go. Most of the trophies will unlock from naturally progressing through and playing the game, though you made need to actively try to get a hole-in-one or birdy for a couple of the trophies.

carousel imag i.qI.Q Intelligent Cube wants to crush you

I.Q Intelligent Cube

I.Q Intelligent Cube difficulty rating 1-2 hours icon
Unless you are truly an idiot, the I.Q Intelligent Cube trophies won't trouble you. While I certainly try my hardest to be an idiot, the puzzles in this PS1 'classic' aren't exactly trying. The entire list consists of finishing the ten levels and then doing them again without messing up. Guess what? You have rewind — so no trouble there. I can't elaborate on this any further, this list is boring.

wild arms ps1 classicWild Arms is a masterclass of PS1 gaming

Wild Arms

Wild Arms trophy list difficulty rating 25-30 hours icon
Kes: The Wild Arms trophies are not strictly hard, but they will take more than 10 hours of your time. It'll take around 30 given that this wonderful RPG is rather lengthy in comparison to the others. There aren't any missables here, with everything being tied to the story or a progression system in some way. A few will require some thought, though. Something like the Quick Draw trophy will need you to explore the top right of a pipe maze in an area called Malduke to find a Trump Card statue. You will then have to master it for the Trump Card. The same goes for the Where did I learn that? trophy or the Cecilia 50, bad guys 0 trophy that will just require a little bit of mindfulness to escape an end game grind for things you are missing. A near-perfect list, from our perspective!

Wild Arms 2Wild Arms 2 keeps us well-fed after its first title

Wild Arms 2

Wild Arms 2 difficulty rating 30-50 hours icon
The Wild Arms 2 trophies offer up a far more varied trophy list in comparison to Dragoon and the Syphon Filter franchise. Players will have to actually put in a little bit of leg work in order to swipe all of these trophies up. Thankfully nothing looks missable or too difficult and you'll get a nice handful from simply beating the story that Wild Arms 2 delivers. You'll just need to an eye out for a few trophies to avoid a grind at the end of the game. All in all, the list looks easier and quicker than its predecessor, which is sure to make many of you trophy hunters smile.

Are there any games that you are going to go for? If yes, which ones? If not, why not? Keep us informed, you metal award consumers.
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