PS Plus gem Fall Guys unveils new events ahead of free-to-play revamp

By Lee Brady,

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, crown gem of 2020’s PS Plus line-up, is getting a free-to-play revamp on July 21st and has unveiled five new events coming to the game at launch.

Revealed on the Fall Guys Twitter account, each new event adds a brand new obstacle or twist that is sure to send fans of the PS Plus smash into a fit of purest, whitest rage. One need only take a look at ‘The Swiveller’ to imagine someone holding tight to your little bean person as you come up to a sweeping bar and ruining the rest of your day.

Fall Guys PS5 port drops tomorrow, hitting 60FPS at 4K

At least PS4 players won’t be alone in their rage, and not just because Fall Guys already has cross-platform play, as the game is getting a big 60FPS 4K-touting port to the PS5 at the same time as the relaunch. PlayStation has already been home to some exclusive Fall Guys treats before, such as bonus costumes for redownloading the game’s new client, as well as exclusive costumes themed on Ratchet and Clank, Ghost of Tsushima, and Astro Bot, so it’s good to see that the game’s new owner Epic Games still bringing value to the platform.

Elsewhere in the new event line-up are hoop-navigating courses like 'Bounce Party' and 'Speed Circuit', testing your ability to not get wedged into a narrow entry when you and three other beans take the same approach at the same time. 'Hex-a-Ring' brings a revamp to the classic 'Hex-a-Gone' event, presumably because getting the Fall Guys trophy that requires five crown wins in a row wasn’t hard enough.

fall guys new events free to playPlaying for all the beans

Last but not least is 'Blast Ball': a new final that actively encourages you to ruin someone’s day rather than passively accept that it happens. It’s heartening to see that, despite the “devastating” PS Plus performance of games like Oddworld Soulstorm, the subscription service has also helped enable massive hits like Fall Guys.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming free-to-play launch? With the trophy list getting a refresh earlier in the year, everybody’s got a second chance at getting the plat — a tempting proposition for players new and recurring, I would think. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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