Gran Turismo 7 update parks up 3 new cars, track, and more

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Gran Turismo 7 is due for another free update featuring three cars, a track, and some extra menus to challenge you. Polyphony Digital's sim-racer has been adding content since its release on PS5 and PS4.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Gran Turismo 7 is getting June 2022's update 1.17 at 11pm PST tonight (or 7am BST) complete with two all-time great cars and a GT Visions car tuned to a Gr. 3 spec.

All the content in the GT7 June 2022 update

Leading the charge is the Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98. This beast has climbed many fine hill in the pursuit of record times, which is why that absurd rear wing and roof scoop exist — just to keep it pinned to the floor. Polyphony Digital has modified the powertrain and made the car mid-engined for a bit of balancing, though the thing will still be a rocket with a max 981 BHP.

The other legendary car is the 1932 Ford Roadster; an American Hot-Rod designed to be, well... redesigned. The modders heavenly godsend will probably find a home amongst the custom scene players in GT7. Finally, there is a Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version) entering the pack so you can take advantage of it in online modes. There is more downforce here than the Suzuki VGT base, with a max 577 BHP.

Watkins Glen International is being added to the game. With its iconic rolling green scenery, this New York State track has a famed banking section and plenty of overtaking opportunities. The Boot is full of technical corners to dominate. In the Café, there are three more menus for the Toyota 86 Collection (level 20), the Honda Type R Collection (level 20), and the Rotary Engine Collection (level 32).

gran Turismo 7The three new GT7 cars

It's been quite the ride for GT7 post-launch, but after the platinum trophy took a while to finallly unlock, but it ended up being more expensive to achieve due to in-game economy changes, and seems to have now returned to some kind of normality. This will be good news for those looking to jump back in, as cars are steadily finding a balance between the actual value and in-game valuation.

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Original story:
Gran Turismo 7 keeps pace with the rest of the pack by adding more content with another free update. Polyphony Digital's lead producer Kaz Yamauchi has teased that there will be three new cars, as with the last update. Given the in-game economy is more dynamic with the assistance of a car insurance economy, you can be sure that car values will change, too.

PlayStation Studio Polyphony Digital finding accelerator on additional content

What three new cars have been teased for GT7?

Kaz tweeted out an image with three shaded cars, as per usual before a content drop. The first one has been clearly identified as a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak because it has that frankly disgusting roof scoop and rear wing that would survive re-entry to earth after a space flight. Rather interestingly, this is a car synonymous with Nobuhiro Tajima, aka 'Monster,' who would bring it to 14,000ft above sea level races with much success. Check out some of the GoPro Youtube videos to examine some of these insane trial attempts.

lagonaThis is GT7's Laguna, not a Suzuki from the new update. Sorry.

As for the other two, we were a little unsure but GTPlanet came to the rescue. The second car appears to be a Gr.3 version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo. If true; the PlayStation Studio would have to add big wings and more power to make it competitive in online races. As for the third addition, it's thought to be something like the 1932 Ford or the Deus Roadster, but even the mighty minds at GTPlanet have had some trouble confirming it.

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