New Crisis Core Final Fantasy footage for PS5, PS4 is a PSP love letter

By Sean Lawson,

Final Fantasy held a livestream recently to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The stream only lasted ten minutes but was "short and sweet." The event was packed with lots of juicy announcements and unveiled products.

Update 2:
Crisis Core Final Fantasy has had another little update, this time in the form of a comparison video that shows the differences between the trailer for the PSP Crisis Core and the trailer for the Crisis Core remake. Check out the video down below.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy comparison video

Are you guys still just as excited about this Crisis Core remake as we are? Sound off in the comments!

Update 1:
The Final Fantasy 25th anniversary livestream which was hosted by Square Enix, went off without a hitch and was overflowing with content in those short, but sweet ten minutes. Our initial report regarding a speculated unveiling of a Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core remaster proved to be accurate. This time around the game will be titled, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

In the event, we also received news on the sequel to the Final Fantasy VII Remake which is going to be called Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Square Enix wasn't lying when they said they wanted to keep it "short but sweet" giving us fans all that good Final Fantasy content.

Did you guys love the livestream as much as I did? Which of the two announcements were you most excited to see? Sound off in the comments below!

Original Story:
A leaker called The Snitch has garnered a reliable reputation in recent weeks amongst the gaming community. The Snitch always seems to be on the money when it comes to the information they present to the world and recently they have partnered up with Tom Henderson for a couple of stories. Once more, The Snitch has hinted at some possible Final Fantasy news that has got fans of the franchise speculating over the livestream that is happening later today.

Could the Final Fantasy PSP game Crisis Core be getting a re-release

Final Fantasy Crisis CoreCrisis Core Final Fantasy follows the story of Zack, Cloud's late best friend

The Snitch has alluded to the fact this 25th anniversary livestream may unveil something to do with Crisis Core Final Fantasy. So far, has kept what will be revealed in this ten-minute stream under wraps, but that hasn't stopped people speculating, or in this instance, attempting to leak information. The Snitch liked a tweet from a Twitter user who speculated on Crisis Core being announced in the livestream.

Additionally, Crisis Core Final Fantasy is missing from PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra lists. Square Enix has no obligation to bring the game to the new PS Plus services, but with the game being high profile and one that a lot of Final Fantasy fans would love to play again, it seems like a strangely missed opportunity — unless they have other plans for the game — like announcing a remaster at a 25th anniversary stream.

They could also be keeping Crisis Core Final Fantasy out of the public eye, due to the Android/iOS game that is set to release later this year titled, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. The free-to-play game is actually set to include Crisis Core, meaning that if Square Enix released the game onto PS Plus Premium or Extra, it could damage downloads to the mobile game — something Square will want to avoid. However, a full-on remake/remaster of Crisis Core that releases onto new-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X might not detract from downloads of Ever Crisis, which is why it has a strong possibility of being announced at tonight's livestream event — especially if The Snitch is hinting in that direction.

Final Fantasy Crisis CoreCould Crisis Core Final Fantasy overshadow Ever Crisis if it comes to PS Plus Premium?

Fans have also pondered over the whereabouts of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II, speculating that we may receive some updates today when Square Enix hosts the livestream. Maybe we will get extra lucky and get both Remake and Crisis Core news in this small ten-minute event. If anything does get announced tonight hopefully they also end up on PS Plus and Xbox Games Pass — but only time will tell.

I, for one, would love to see a remaster of Crisis Core, I have very fond memories of playing that game on my little PSP back in the day. So a nice hit of nostalgia would set me right. Will you be tuning in to Square Enix's livestream tonight? What do you hope to see announced if you are planning to attend? Sound off in the comments below!
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