Sony will reveal Xbox Elite rival 'DualSense Pro' soon, sources claim

By Lee Brady,

Sony is reportedly working on an official PlayStation 5 “pro” controller, something that seems to want to rival Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

Update 2:
Sony has now announced its new PS5-compatible headsets and monitors under the 'Inzone' branding, and as we were to expect, the company made no reference to the more directly PlayStation brand-related 'pro' controller.

When asked about the lack of 'pro' controller at the event on Twitter, the leaker behind both the Inzone reveal and the controller story Tom Henderson answered, "I was just told 'soon' - This was a Sony/INZONE event, so it probably wasn't on-brand to announce it here." Henderson had previously warned in his report for Exputer that the new controller was not likely to make an appearance at the Inzone reveal event.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more information about this controller in the coming weeks, so make sure to check back for the next update, and let us know your thoughts on the latest developments in the comments below.

Update 1:
Sony has confirmed that it will be hosting a new hardware showcase on the 28th June, and while we've seen no further indication that the 'pro' controller will make an appearance, we do know we will be seeing new PlayStation-optimised headsets and monitors. For updates on Sony's new hardware range, make sure to follow our latest regarding the Sony Inzone event.

Original Story:
News of the upcoming hardware was reported by the oft-reliable Tom Henderson of Try Hard Guides, who suggests that the controller might be revealed at the end of the month, as Sony is rumoured to be unveiling new hardware around that time for the PS5. The new hardware reveal will reportedly not include news of a new console.

Pro Controller reportedly to get trigger stops, custom analogue sticks

The controller will allegedly sport features such as trigger stops, flappy paddles, removable grips, and the option to swap out your analog sticks for other custom set-ups. This suggests that some of the additional hardware that Sony might reveal will be custom analog stick lengths and styles, much like those Microsoft makes available.

For those unfamiliar with the Xbox Elite range or Scuf's high-end PS5 controller, trigger stops allow players to change the feel of the bumpers to better suit the type of game you’re playing. For example, someone playing a racing game will want a much lower stop to their input to simulate the feel of a pedal being pressed, whereas FPS players will want a far tighter stop to simulate the pushback of a trigger.
playstation pro controllerAn exclusive TrueTrophies artistic rendering of the new controller

As for customisable sticks, this also acts as a useful way to combat the perpetual problem of stick drift, as players can more easily reset or replace the stick, rather than the entire controller. The additional flappy paddles take some getting used to, but these additional inputs can usually be customised for additional commands — ideal for quick pings in Apex Legends or a new, faster way to reload weapons.

It’s certainly more exciting hardware news for PS5 users than whatever this bizarre PlayStation mobile controller we reported on is, though it’s possible we might finally get a look at that this month as well. Before the friendly Xbox folks stop by to rub sand in our eyes, let’s not forget Phil Spencer was not long ago eyeing up the DualSense’s inspired haptic feedback, so this particular street goes both ways.

playstation mobile controllerBut will it maintain the elegant form of the mobile controller patent?

We haven’t been eyeing up your delightfully robust Elite controllers like a thirsty desert man eyeing up a nearby oasis, that’s for sure. It should be mentioned that all of these features would be an absolute boon for those looking for an extra advantage while trophy hunting. What are your thoughts on these supposed “genuine professional” controllers? Are you still waiting to hear more about a biofeedback controller? Let us know in the comments below.
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