PS Plus subscribers struggling to access PS1 Classic Tekken 2

By Sean Lawson,

PS Plus members are struggling to obtain three Syphon Filter games that are a part of the classics lineup. Players are receiving an error code when they attempt to download from PlayStation's new PS Plus Premium service.

It appears the issue of not being able to download PS1 Classic games isn't just affecting the US, as the recently revamped PS Plus subscription service has just launched in the EU and it would seem that this issue is still very much prevalent.

Issues that surfaced in the US have also arrived in the EU

A Twitter user has spotted that they have no access to Tekken 2 when they should have. We have already seen issues involving Tekken 2 when the game accidentally got listed for just shy of $10,000 in the US. Anecdotally, I have also tried to access my classic version of Tekken 2; sadly, it is locked behind a subscription paywall — just like the Syphon Filter games.

How are you guys finding the PS Plus revamp? Have you had any issues since the new PS Plus launched? Sound off in the comments below!

Original story:

As expected, there have been a few hiccups so far with the launch of PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra, with a variety of issues popping up around the globe in various countries that now have access to these new services from PlayStation. As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, some users on ResetEra have encountered a problem around some games they should be able to download for no extra cost. Syphon Filter is one of Bend Studio's oldest IPs.

PS Plus Premium appears to cause issues when downloading classic Syphon Filter games

Syphon FilterHopefully players will be able to jump back into Syphon Filter soon

Several years ago — back when Sony offered players rewards for being PS Plus members on their PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita — one month, players were able to download the first three Syphon Filter games on to their PS3 and Vita consoles. With the launch of PS Plus Premium, PlayStation has brought a plethora of PlayStation classics back from the dead. Cult classic titles like Tekken 2, Ape Escape and, of course Syphon Filter all have appeared on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Players who managed to snag those free Syphon Filter games many moons ago should be able to download the newly released Syphon Filter games onto their PS4 or PS5 like everyone else. However, that doesn't appear to be the case for some unfortunate players out there who are receiving error codes when they attempt to download the game. “WS-43691-3” is the annoying code that is popping up for players and appears to be specific to issues with PS Plus memberships and downloadable games.
Syphon FilterExplore the classic stealth adventure game Syphon Filter

Players who then try to purchase the game at full price are greeted with this message: “You cannot purchase this game right now.” On top of that frustration, the classic PSOne Syphon Filter game appears to have vanished from their download list completely and any attempts to re-download the game from the PS3 PSN Store result in complete failure. None of the usual fixes seems to be working either — Sony is aware of the issue at hand, but no fixes have been implemented yet.

What do you think of the debacle that is going on for these players? Have you experienced it yourself? Sound off in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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