Resident Evil Village for PS VR2 finally lets Dimitrescu step on you

By Lee Brady,

Resident Evil Village PS VR2 was reaffirmed at the Capcom Showcase as part of Summer Game Fest, alongside the new Shadow of Rose DLC and new content for the game's Mercenaries mode.

The PS VR2 news was originally teased in the PlayStation State of Play earlier in the month, but Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda was keen to emphasise that the game's entire story would be playable in VR, and hinted at more news to come as the device is further revealed.

Lady Dimitrescu is coming to Resident Evil Village Mercenaries

It's a dream come true for all the folks out there dreaming of being stepped on by the iconic Lady Dimitrescu, and there will definitely be no consequences whatsoever for approaching her — I think on that we can all agree.

Elsewhere in the presentation, it was revealed that Dimitrescu would be joining the game's Mercenaries mode, alongside Chris Redfield and Karl Heisenberg. As Kanda says in the clip (or, at least, his potentially rogue English translator): "Enjoy looking down on your foes from over nine feet above as Lady Dimitrescu slashes her enemies aside." That's fantastic stuff, and you have to love her chair throwing animation.

We're certainly looking forward to Shadow of Rose, and the new third-person mode for the story campaign is an excellent feature — if perhaps a little dangerously close to revealing Ethan's face at times. What do you make of the news? Holding out of PS VR2 for the wildest trophy hunt of your life? Let us know in the comments below.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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