PS Plus Premium version of PS1 Classic Resident Evil Director's Cut ineligible to purchase

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Sony's PlayStation Plus overhaul continues in the US with a new PS1 Classic — Resident Evil Director's Cut. That makes this the eighth game from the original console, joining Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, and more.

While the US PS Plus lineup might have received Resident Evil Director's Cut this week as a part of Premium, unlike other PS1 Classic games it cannot be purchased and downloaded separately.

PS1 Classics available for download are limited

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The majority of PlayStation Plus 'Classic Games Catalogue' offerings have been available as a distinct purchase from players' subscriptions. Games like Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, Worms Armageddon, and Abe's Oddysee were all downloadable for a small fee when we checked the US PlayStation Store. However, Resident Evil appears to be blocked from independent sale on purpose, only offering the option to subscribe.

This was something noted on an unverified Reddit post, where the user also alleged they had seen a $9.99 price having been available before being removed — this is the standard price for a PS1 Emulated game at the moment. There was a PSOne Classic version of Resident Evil Directors Cut for PS3 and Vita; however, it seems this was separate from the PS Plus Premium edition given the older edition was dubbed the DualShock Edition. If they were the same, Capcom would be required — as far as we understand — to make the emulated PS4 and PS5 versions available to download for existing owners to those who have previously purchased the game elsewhere via the PlayStation Store.

We found that Mr. Driller was also having a moment and was listed at $9,999.00 — its true worth, obviously. Let us know what you think about this story in the comments, and see you there!

Original Story:
The PlayStation Store has confirmed that the US PS Plus lineup is getting another PS1 Classic game. Capcom is adding Resident Evil: Director's Cut onto the US list, suggesting it should also come to EU and UK territories.

Sony gets Resident Evil Director's Cut on PlayStation Plus

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"The Racoon City Police Department investigation into a series of bizarre murders takes a turn when the force's elite S.T.A.R.S. team is stranded in a house of horrors deep within the Arklay Mountains," reads the store description. "Explore a derelict mansion teeming with vicious beasts, deadly traps, and untold mystery. Will you manage to survive?"

At the moment, there is no option to purchase it as a standalone game — though we might just not be seeing that option on the PlayStation Store. Naturally, the game will come with all of the PS1 Classic emulation upgrades like a rewind function, save states, up-rendering, filters, and more.

Syphon Filter

While there might not be a trophy list attached to Resident Evil; every PS1 Classic made by Sony has a trophy list for you to check out. If you want some more Resident Evil, check out the Resident Evil 2 trophies, Resident Evil 3 trophies, and the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard trophies along with all the free PS5 upgrade information!

While it doesn't quite live up to Syphon Filter or Ape Escape for us, this is probably an inclusion that bolsters access to the Resident Evil series on PlayStation. What do you think of its inclusion, though? Is it a 'classic'? Let us know in the comments below!
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