Exclusive: F1 22 trophy list revealed

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson and Sean Carey,

The F1 22 trophy list is here. Codemasters very kindly supplied all the bronze, silver, and gold trophies in the game for a reveal ahead of the game releasing on July 1st.

Codemasters has very kindly added a column for us this time around with an estimate on how long each trophy will take you. Luckily, none of the F1 22 trophies (and corresponding PS4 list) are too grindy and most will come through natural play. You will be able to play the game on July 1st, or a week early with the Champions Edition.

The Veteran is going to be the longest unlock at 20 hours. You will have to finish 100 races in online multiplayer, something that will be familiar to those who have finished F1 2021 trophies and found Dedicated to the Cause) a long ride. Mostly, though, this list is about exploring the game to its fullest.

There are 51 trophies in total.

F1 22 trophy list

Trophy name Trophy description Trophy level Time required
Completionist Unlock all of the F1 22 trophiesicon N/A
Always Improving Complete 250 successful overtakes in any game modeicon>5 hrs
Weekly WarriorParticipate in any Featured, Weekly or Esports EventiconUp to 1 week
Spotlight On MeHave your car be the focus during a Broadcast Safety Caricon>10 min
Slotting InSlot into the grid starting box 10 timesicon>1 hour
Ferrari FanWin a race at Monza with a Ferrari Engine in My Teamicon>1 hour
Red Bull RacerWin a race at Austria with a Red Bull Engine in My Teamicon>1 hour
Renault RacerWin a race at France with a Renault Engine in My Teamicon>1 hour
Mercedes MasterWin a race with a Mercedes Engine in My Teamicon>1 hour
Classic PhotographerTake a photo using Photomode at Silverstone, Spa, Monza & Monacoicon>10 mins
Just Popping InVisit another player's F1 Life areaicon>5 mins
Proud ownerDisplay a trophy in your F1 Life trophy cabineticon>30 mins
Feels Like HomeChange the appearance of your F1 Life areaicon>5 mins
Getting The Hang Of ItDrive 25 laps in a Supercar in any game modeicon>2 hours
Gold All AroundEarn a gold medal in each type of Supercar Invitationalicon>30 mins
DriftyDrift for a total of 3 minutes in the Drift Invitational modeicon>5 mins
Lookin' GoodChange a piece of your Casual attireicon>30 mins
Lookin' StylishChange the Paint Finish on all layers of a liveryicon>10 mins
Pit PerfectionPerform 25 perfect pitstopsicon>5 hours
Equipped With The BestUpgrade Pit Crew Equipment to the max level in My Teamicon>5 hours
Crisis ManagementComplete 25 Department Events in My Teamicon>30 mins
Executive DecisionAgree to and complete an Ask The Driver Department Eventicon>45 mins
Better TogetherComplete your first race weekend in Two Player Careericon>1 hour
Fighting for 1stEarn 1st and 2nd place in a single race as players in Two Player Careericon>1 hour
All Around The WorldComplete a clean lap at all tracks in Time Trialicon~1 hour
Speed DemonReach 300kph / 186.4mph at 10 different tracksicon>20 mins
Pure PowerAchieve first in the speed trap in 5 practice sessionsicon~3 hours
Back OnlineRe-open a facility that has been shutdown for more than 7 days in My Teamicon~2 hours
You Know Our NameReach a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team modeicon>6 hours
All RounderDevelop a component in every R&D Departmenticon>2 hours
Get It DoneComplete a practice session using Quick Practiceicon<1 hour
On TopAchieve pole position after any qualifying sessionicon<30 mins
A Good DayGet on the podiumicon<30 mins
A Great DayWin your first raceicon<30 mins
Ultimate PrizeWin the F1 Drivers' Championshipicon>6 hours
Makes The Dream WorkWin the F1 Constructors' Championshipicon>6 hours
I Want It AllSet the fastest time in all 3 practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prixicon<1 hour
Beating Them AllFinish 1st in a Ranked & Unranked multiplayer raceicon<30 mins
The StartFinish 10 races in online multiplayericon~2 hours
The GrindFinish 50 races in online multiplayericon~10 hours
The VeteranFinish 100 races in online multiplayericon~20 hours
Racing CliqueComplete a League raceicon<30 mins
Watchful EyeSpectate an online raceicon<10 mins
Replay That!Save a captured highlight in Theatre Modeicon<15 mins
F2 FlyerComplete an F2 Grand Prix with a Sprint and Feature Race at 25% or greater race distanceicon~45 mins
It Only Goes Skin DeepWin a 25% race in wet conditionsicon<20 mins
Tunnel VisionSuccessfully complete 15 upgrades in a single R&D departmenticon>5 hours
Supercar SuperstarFill all 6 bays in F1 Life with unlocked Supercarsicon~3 hours
BoostedBoost your 2nd driver's stats 10 times using Team Activitiesicon~2 hours
AnnihilationWhile in 1st place, lap the driver in 2nd place in any game modeicon<30 mins
ScorcherComplete a race at F1's hottest tracks (Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Brazil) in Clear weathericon~1 hour
F1 22 has a huge page dedicated to it on TrueAchivements in an everything you need to know article, complete with the facts about F1 22's features, modes, tracks, F1 life, and more.

F1 22 releases on July 1st while Champions Edition owners can get early access on June 28th for both PS5 and PS4. Thoughts on the list? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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