Gravitar: Recharged PlayStation trophy list has arrived

By Shadow Kisuragi,
We have just picked up the Gravitar: Recharged trophy list.

There are 20 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Gravitar: Recharged

Name Description
That Was Me Unlock all trophies icon
Walk The Dog Kill an enemy by leading it to the laser cannon. icon
Difficult Hour Exit the reactor level with less than 1s before the reactor explodes. icon
Looking For You Destroy 150 asteroids in the solar system. icon
Violin Walk Complete the first solar system without losing a life. icon
If You Can't Talk About It, Point To It Crash into the star without any fuel. icon
Violin Solo Complete all singleplayer missions. icon
Walking And Falling Complete all 6 types of planets. icon
Red Map Complete all 6 planets in 4 solar systems. icon
Big Science Use all power-ups. icon
Let X=X Reach 10000 score in Arcade. icon
O, Superman Kill 25 enemies while under the effect of Overload. icon
The Mailman's Nightmare Kill 25 enemies with a Railgun shot. icon
Finnish Farmers Kill 200 enemies with a Spreadshot. icon
From The Air Kill 125 enemies with Homing Missiles. icon
Dance Of Electricity Kill 50 enemies disabled by the EMP. icon
A Virus From Outer Space Shoot down 300 UFOs. icon
Born, Never Asked Destroy 150 basic turrets. icon
Closed Circuits Push 40 buttons. icon
Say Hello Retrieve 100 rescue pods. icon
Gravitar: Recharged is developed by Adamvision Studios and published by Atari, and is scheduled to be released on June 2nd, 2022.
Shadow Kisuragi
Written by Shadow Kisuragi
- Game Information Manager for TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies
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