Apex Legends introduces Newcastle with Saviors, now live

By Heidi Nicholas,

Apex Legends: Saviors is now live, with a new Legend, a big change to Storm Point, a rework to the Ranked system, and more.

One part of the sizeable Apex Legends leak was proven correct: Newcastle is the game's latest Legend. Also arriving with Saviors, which is available now, are a new POI for Storm Point, and a reworked Ranked system.

Apex Legends Saviors

The Apex Legends team details Newcastle's abilities over on the Apex Legends site. His tactical ability is Mobile Shield, which gives you a controllable drone with an energy shield, while the passive ability Retrieve the Wounded lets you bring allies under cover behind your Revive Shield as you revive them, and the ultimate ability Castle Wall lets you create a "fortified stronghold" around a particular ally or area.

Then, the addition of a new POI for Storm Point brings "a washed-up sea creature known as the Downed Beast," with an "organic combat zone, and a refreshing change from man-made architecture. On top of that, we added a brand new PvE feature, IMC Armories, at four strategic locations around the map which can dynamically change the championship outcome."

Lastly, the Apex Legends team details the rework to the Ranked system: the "upgraded Ranked system adds tier demotions, entry cost adjustments, and a rework of Ranked Points to promote teamplay. The current Ranked goals revolve around Teamplay for Victory, and Accurate Skill & Better Competition. We are making a large number of changes that focus on these two core pillars, with the outcome that players will focus on playing as a team and playing for the win, and RP will be a more accurate representation of your overall game skill."

Apex Legends: Saviors is live now.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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