Hustle Kings Comes to PS4

By Rebecca Smith,
Developer VooFoo Studios has been hitting the Playstation 4 hard. After releasing Backgammon Blitz and Pure Chess on all three Playstation platforms, they then went on to release Pure Pool solely for the Playstation 4. Now Hustle Kings PS4 is being reinvented for the latest generation of consoles. However, appearances are deceiving as this version of the title is not developed by VooFoo Studios. Instead, it is being handled by an unnamed studio at the request of Sony's XDEV Studio Europe.

Unlike the Playstation 3 and Vita versions of the title, the core package of the Playstation 4 game will be free to download to try to ensure that there is a large online community. This package will include all of the things that players should need to be able to enjoy the title: a practice mode, a career mode and a League mode.

The practice mode does exactly what it says on the tin -- players can hone their skills here before taking them into the online community. The career mode allows players to earn money by taking on AI opponents. The online League mode puts players at the bottom of the league, where they must win matches against other players to be able to reach cash goals and access higher play tiers. The rules in the higher play tiers are harder, but the cash rewards are greater. Will you be good enough to compete in the big leagues?

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The game's currency is Hustle Kings Credits (HKC). The developer has tried to make sure that there are plenty of ways to earn HKC. As well as the career modes and your earnings from online matches, there will be a daily challenge that offers a limited number of attempts to be successful. These challenges focus on puzzle games, such as trick shots, timed challenges and clearing the table in a limited number of shots. Climb the leaderboards and global rankings to show off your earning power to the rest of the world.

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As well as the free core package, Sony will also be offering an upgrade package that will allow players to play pool games without the need for HKC. You'll be able to play games when you want and without restrictions. The price of this package has not been confirmed, although Sony has said that they will be detailing prices, updates, game modes, events and in-game items soon.

We don't yet have a release date for the title, although it is due to arrive "soon".

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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