Original Dino Crisis producer confirms he's working on Exoprimal

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Dino Crisis influence was all over Exoprimal when that first trailer dropped, but now we know that its DNA runs much deeper in Capcom's new game than first thought. The game-dev talent is shared, making this a mix of prehistoric and new age dino craziness.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi worked on the three mainline Dino Crisis games as a planner and producer. On Twitter, as spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, the Capcom man revealed a list of games he is working on right now. This includes the likes of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, but also Exoprimal. This perhaps suggests that the new IP will be a step above the 'spiritual sequel' attributions currently given to the game.

In fairness, many are unhappy that this co-op action game isn't labelled as a Dino Crisis game — just have a look at our comments section on the reveal for a small taste. This is especially pertinent when you consider that the press release literally says: "It’s 2040 and the planet is in crisis. Dinosaurs are appearing from thin air." Very stealthy Capcom, the subtext is just so well hidden.

Anyway, we kind of loved the stupid trailer. I mean, it would take a lot for us not to be enamoured with weather forecasts about black holes spewing dinosaurs. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favourite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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